Keeping Tom Cable vs. Dumping Him: Why Jim Fassel Might Be Coming

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Keeping Tom Cable vs. Dumping Him: Why Jim Fassel Might Be Coming
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There is speculation that suggest Al Davis might be ready to pull the plug on Tom Cable .  That I have seen most fans seem somewhat against that.

I think it is quite defensible to make the change and not just because of Cable's record with the Raiders.

I do want to be up front. I am an advocate of Jim Fassel.  I advocated bringing in Fassel and JP Losman a while back .

Cable coached the last 12 games last season and will coach all of this season. One might say that is not enough time, but that will be 28 games. 

Especially for a former interim guy—someone who didn't have to out interview others in a standard process—that is quite the audition.  Al Davis has given him a fair bit of time.

It isn't like he took over a team that had no talent or that the Raiders haven't added talents over that time span.

The facts are at no point in his two stops in his career has Cable proved to be a winning head coach.

There are signs that the players respect him and like playing for him, but is that alone enough to give hope that the team will turn around next year?

One argument for keeping him is that he has cleaned up the bad actors and has everyone (but Russel) working together as a team.  That is certainly admirable, but every year teams fire losing coaches that can make that same claim.

They run a good program, but they don't excel at winning.

The Raiders need sound QB play.  That is the biggest problem with this team.

What in Cable's history suggests he will be able to develop a starting QB?

Does anyone REALLY believe that Bruce Gradkowski is a long term starting solution? He racked up an 80 QB ranking, but only completed 54 percent of his passes.  He hasn't hit 55 percent for a season at any point in his career.

His best day was against a Pittsburg defense that is a shell of their normal selves.  He's a game manager.

It is far more likely that teams would start pulling his game apart with a full offseason to scout him.

Additionally he lacks the deep arm to use the Raiders' deep speed.

Al Davis probably will probably not accept that that last part.

Gradkowski played well enough to earn a job somewhere else, but the coach of the Raiders will probably have to coax a starting performance out of a QB who has a bit of an arm, be it Russell, Losman, Frye, or a rookie.

Fassell has done this before.  He won a UFL championship with a J.P. Losman that, even a Losman fan like myself has to admit, still has one foot in the bust heap.

Fassel wants the job and I think if you look at what the Raiders need, it makes sense to give it to him.

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