B/R World Football Writer Of The Year 2009 (Results)

Barney CorkhillSenior Writer IJanuary 1, 2010

Ladies and Gentlemen, the votes have been counted, the results are in and the winner is about to be announced!

Over the past few days, the World Football community here on Bleacher Report has been voting for who they think deserves the title of "B/R World Football Writer of the Year 2009".

The reaction from the community was superb and I'd like to thank everyone who voted, and special thanks to the six writers who helped compile the final shortlist of ten.

So, without further ado, let's look at the three writers who received the most votes in reverse order!


3. Barney Corkhill (4 votes) - 421 articles, 210 achievements and awards

Given my relative lack of activity in the past month or two, I was surprised and delighted to have received even one vote, yet alone enough to get me onto the podium! Thank you to everyone who voted for me, it is much appreciated!


2. Carolina Tiger (6 votes) - 120 articles, 34 achievements and awards

It's not easy writing about a relatively unknown club (outside of England) on an American-based website, but Carolina has prevailed in doing so, and has established himself as one of the very best writers on this site. He also received three votes after the deadline, which just goes to show how close the voting was this year.


And the winner is...(drum roll please)...


1. Willie Gannon (7 votes) - 297 articles, 157 achievements and awards

This year Willie has climbed to the top of the world football rankings and built himself a reputation of someone who is capable of writing quality articles about anything and everything. His recent output of articles has elevated him to a new level of consistency and he looks set to continue going from strength to strength in 2010.

So there you have it! Your World Football Writer of the Year for 2009 is Willie Gannon!

Congratulations Willie, and here is to an even better 2010!