Buddy Nix is the Buffalo Bills' New GM

Jeremy PikeCorrespondent IDecember 31, 2009

SAN DIEGO - 2005:  Buddy Nix of the San Diego Chargers poses for his 2005 NFL headshot at photo day in San Diego, California.  (Photo by Getty Images)
NFL Photos/Getty Images /Getty Images

Today, December 31st, the Buffalo Bills held a press conference at 2:30 pm to name Buddy Nix their new general manager. While much maligned at first glance by the fan base because he’s not a “big name” from outside, this is NOT a bad move.

Wait, what? He’s been with the Bills this past season! He’s part of the inept Bills front office!

Well, yes, he was here last year in time for the start of the draft. The Bills draft produced two offensive line starters (Eric Wood and Andy Levitre), a Pro Bowl free safety (Jairus Byrd), the most athletic tight end the Bills have had in quite possibly their history (Shawn Nelson) and players who can still develop to be quality contributors.

Sounds like quality production for the head national scout to me.

Buddy Nix has been in Buffalo previously as well. He was a member of John Butler’s scouting department in the 1990s as the Southeast regional scout. He then departed with Butler to San Diego and became the director of player personnel. After Butler’s passing and AJ Smith being named general manager, Nix added the title of assistant general manager to his nameplate.

That’s the time period when the San Diego Chargers became one of the most talented teams in all of football. They’ve found great players in the draft and also evaluated undrafted players well (Antonio Gates anyone?). He was an integral part of that great turnaround by that franchise. The Bills need that.

Among the league, he’s widely considered a great talent evaluator, both at the college and professional level. He sounds determined to build this team through the draft. Every team that is a power in the National Football League is built through the draft.

Yes, pieces are added through free agency. However, the majority of teams get the lynchpins of their offense and defense through the draft. The Bills need to discover their offensive keys through the draft at quarterback and left tackle. That will go a long way to making this team a contender.

So while the knee jerk reaction to the Nix promotion might be disgust, give it a chance. He’s a a quality talent evaluator and a football guy. The Bills need that kind of talent in a leadership role. Now he needs to evaluate the team and get a new head coach in the next few weeks. It will be nothing if not interesting.

So please, Bills fans, be patient. The Bills aren’t as bad as their record suggests, I believe. They need to make serious improvements at a few key spots, namely quarterback, left tackle, and the head coach. Make those improvements and the Bills could be well on their way to a playoff berth. Simply be patient.