Jobless In The What Tech?

Alli MContributor IDecember 30, 2009

Lubbock, Texas —Texas Tech's most winningest coach is fired "with due cause" by the University.  

As an avid college football fan and a Texas Tech girl at heart, this news comes to my in my living room as if The Masked Rider's horse, Midnight, had walked in and kicked me. And I used to train horses...being kicked isn't puts a beautiful damper on the rest of your day.  

So what does this mean? 
As of now, all we know is that Mike Leach's attorney, Ted Liggett, was handed a termination notice, stating, "terminated with cause effective immediately".  

What does this mean for the University?
The University, IE: Gerald Myers, does not have to pay $800,000 dollars, to Mike Leach, tomorrow.  This also means that the James' family successfully has shown that nobody should "mess" with them, no matter if allegations are true or not.  I would be very worried if Adam transfers to SMU.  This also means that the search for a new coach is on the way.  

One of two things can happen: Coaches shy away from Tech because of the way the Administration handled this situation, or the position is filled quickly.  I am willing to speculate that the position is filled internally.  

What does this mean for Mike Leach?
Leach is jobless in the wonderful economy that we are all dealing with.  He is "one of us", yet he is not.  He is a successful coach and has proven that by making Texas Tech a "big name" school.  Leach will find a new job easily and Texas Tech just shot themselves in the foot.  

What does this mean for the students and fans?
Let me just put this out there.  When a head coach "sues" its own university and the student body stands behind the coach and not the university...there is something terribly wrong.  This subject has already been addressed by Tiger .  Lubbock is reeling from this event.  Students are out for blood, and alumni are "threatening" to give their diplomas back.  Let me paint you a small picture here: if Adam James shows his face back in Lubbock, there is going to be an old western angry mob, complete with pitchforks, torches, and the occasional pirate's sword.  

What does Leach need to do?
I honestly believe Leach needs to sue the school.  Flat out.  The "due cause" is not good enough to stand in court as of now.  

What do the Students need to do?
Protest.  Will this do any good?  Probably not.  Texas Tech has a history of preventing student voice and stifling protests.  The Administration could care less about "the student".  

Last words
This is a sad day in Texas Tech history, and one that I am very upset about.  I cannot believe that I have been in attendance of two great coaches leaving the University. Texas Tech IS NOT acting like a Tier One candidate.  

Capt'n I'm sorry.  You did not deserve this.  You've been good to us.  Wherever you end up, expect my grad-school application.