Mike Leach's Suspension Is Typical of Texas Tech's Administration

Tiger HistalmosAnalyst IDecember 28, 2009

AUSTIN, TX - SEPTEMBER 19:  Head coach Mike Leach of the Texas Tech Red Raiders during play against the Texas Longhorns at Darrell K Royal-Texas Memorial Stadium on September 19, 2009 in Austin, Texas.  (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)
Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

If you haven't heard, Mike Leach has been suspended from coaching the Alamo Bowl due to allegations from one of his players.

That player is wide receiver Adam James, who happens to be the son of ESPN analyst Craig James. James alleges that he was confined to an equipment room for three hours when he was unable to practice. A trainer was then instructed to confine James "into an electrical closet."

The allegations are quite bizarre. Bizarre can be used to describe how Mike Leach operates his football program.

Regardless on how it ends, the suspension is another example on how the Texas Tech administration handles these type of allegations.

For those that do not know, Texas Tech has a history of reacting to "controversial" actions and taking action without second thought.

The Tech administration has done such actions as taking away the student radio station KTXT without giving the students who run the station hardly any notice in December of 2008. The university cited "operating costs" as a concern.

It also makes me scratch my head because Texas Tech had another controversial coach in Bobby Knight for the men's basketball team from 2001 to 2008. There were accusations of wrongdoing as well, though Knight was never found guilty of doing anything wrong.

Now granted this situation is a bit different. This is a complaint is from the player and his family. The problem is whether or not standing in a shed or closet for two to three hours is considered abusive.

Would it been more appropriate to have James run stairs? Would it have just been more appropriate to let James recuperate from his concussion? 

It more or less comes down to these points.

One, Tech did its normal thing of overreacting to the situation, suspending Leach without all the facts on the table. As mentioned, the Tech administration and athletic department has a history of jumping the gun.

Two, whether or not he was isolated should not be the issue. It should be the fact of how he was isolated. Players are "isolated" if they have injuries so they can heal from those injuries. If James was put in a closet-like area, then Leach might be in some trouble. If James was put in the conditioning room or other rather large room, I think that this situation may be more along the lines of the boy who cried wolf.

It is no secret that the Red Raider team has been on edge this season with other internal issues from this season. It is also no secret, especially on the Tech campus, of how the higher-ups act in response to something that is not to their liking. 

In the end, the situation may cost Leach his job.