Lightening Strikes Forecasted From Socal to South Beach

Dave HoganContributor IIDecember 29, 2009

29 Sep 1996: The Bolt mascot for the San Diego Chargers stands over a downed Kansas City Chiefs represenative as he celebrates the Chargers 22-19 victory over the Chiefs at Jack Murphy Stadium in San Diego, California.
Jamie Squire/Getty Images

This Weather Service warning is provided courtesy of the San Diego Chargers.

The white hot Bolts are reigning destruction from the Big Apple to the Cumberland valley. From the Rocky Mountains to the Great Lakes, the San Diego Super Chargers are bringing back blinding 80's disco lights and music.

Indeed lightening is a rare weather phenomenon in San Diego. As a result of the Chargers' play, the local water conservationists are looking at hiring Phillip River's rainmaking "strikes", to fill up the San Diego River and local reservoirs through his work in Mission Valley. 

We certainly need the rain but a Charger's title would brighten this Charger's fans outlook more than any green lawn ever could.

It's not like South Florida (the lightening capital of the world), needs more lightening, but brace yourselves Miami, more thunder and lightening are coming to town...Your 2010 Super Bowl winners, the San Diego Chargers!

Oddly enough this weather pattern has again largely escaped the national radar scene.

Just last night the NFL network, Chris Berman and his trusty sidekick Tommy were fawning all over the Cowboys, Eagles (two teams the Bolts struck down), and of course their all-time favorite as biased by their location on the East Coast—the not so New-England Patriots.

In order to end this rampant east coast bias silliness (I thought the Windy City was Chicago but apparently the wind "blows" equally hard in Connecticut), America's finest city and California as a whole needs a ring.

The state and Arnold are mired in financial quagmire. What a great scene it will be, watching the Chargers Super Bowl parade, downtown, with the terminator in tow.  

As a season ticket holder in the 90's, I used to believe it was our laid back Socal weather and fans that resigned us to mediocrity. A sort of football karma.

Invariably the Raider Nation or the Dog Pound would come in and own us in our own house. No MAS! 

The recent drought of Pro football titles in Socal is as troubling as the lack of rain in Southern California. Unless you include the old AFL/LA/SD Chargers and the lone '84 LA Raider ring (courtesy of Joe Theisman and special thanks to SD's own Marcus Allen), there is not much to show off about in the way of pigskin hardware. 

No doubt there have been winners in SoCal (The LA Rams, the Chargers with Fouts), but only one Super Bowl ring.

While the Lakers amass titles, the Raiders are a Bay area team for the most part. As far as the Niner's 80's Dynasty, Joe Montana seems like eons ago, although the Chargers do have the California Bowl shellacking at the hands of Steve Young and Jerry Rice for motivation.

It will be redemption this year! How did our only returning '94 Super Bowl player(David Binns), not make the Pro Bowl? Never mind, he, like Phillip will be preparing for the Big Game!

Unfortunately for Al, his local Los Angeles black hole parolees are no match for the gravitas that is the Bolts. This 2010 San Diego Super Bowl victory will once and for all repel regionally the decrepit Raider franchise, er ah owner.

Memo to the other 31 teams: For your own safety, stay away from and close all your windows. Alas, the Chargers window that was once thought (about 10 games ago), to be rapidly closing.  It is now the clearest, shiniest and open window in the league.

The networks anoint Peyton with the MVP because the team is afraid to go 16-0 and benches him? What kind of logic is that? 

Phillip Rivers has single-handedly brought his team back from the brink.  At 2-3, I think it was only Rivers and Norv that saw the gathering storm clouds as a good omen and have wrought their offensive will upon their foes, leaving them to run for cover.

That is the true mark of an MVP.  When the chips were down, Rivers led this team to a 10-game winning streak, in meaningful games, from coast to coast.

San Diego fans and players are storm chasers and we prefer being outside, watching Rivers and lightening storms cover the land. 

We don't take cover in an oil drum out here in SoCal, we love the elements!

Phillip Rivers for MVP!

The wind cries scary Chargers.