Colts Fans Deserving Of A Refund?

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Colts Fans Deserving Of A Refund?
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A former city councilman in Indianapolis wants the ticket holders to receive a refund for Sunday's lackluster and disappointing performance. The Colts decided to bench it's starters and give up on winning before the game was half over.

I understand where the councilman is coming from; because despite the fact that everyone knows the Colts need Peyton healthy for the playoffs, I don't think that the decision to bench Peyton was reflected in the ticket prices of Sunday's game.

While I feel sorry for the Colts' fans, I do think that the decision to bench there starters was always a possibility. Every year, once the division champions and the bye weeks are clinched, Peyton sits out of the games.

This is nothing new, as Dungy has been doing it for years. I understand that the team was shooting for a perfect season, but a perfect regular season is meaningless if you get injured or lose in the playoffs. Don't believe me, go ask Tom Brady.

Rex Ryan's defense had Peyton's number the whole game, and Coach Caldwell knew that Peyton could have been seriously injured. The decision to bench Peyton was probably not an easy one,  but it is still one that has been made every year. Would these fans rather have a perfect regular season or a Super Bowl ring?

I do not think that anyone deserves a refund for the game, however, an apology from the coaching staff and the players would go a long way.

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