Steeler Fans Must Cyborg Their Brains into One Singular Focus-Oakland

Timothy KesslerAnalyst IDecember 29, 2009

After the Pittsburgh Steelers' 1 o’clock game against the Miami Dolphins, all Steelers fans alike should put away the black and gold and trade it in for black and silver.


If our beloved Steelers are to have a chance of making the playoffs, we need the Oakland Raiders to step up their game one final time this season to beat the Baltimore Ravens in their 4 o’clock game on Sunday.


They have showed up four times this season against tough teams by beating Philadelphia, Denver, Cincinnati, and even Pittsburgh, all playoff contenders.


Oakland can step up their game when the competition warrants doing so, eerily similar to the Steelers themselves, which makes it even more interesting that we are relying on them to do it again for our own sakes.  


So, it is not out of the realm of possibility and, in fact, is very conceivable.


All other routes for the Steelers seem to be unlikely since the NFL chose to change the time of the Cincinnati game from its original 1 PM start to an 8:30 start time.


This practically assures the Jets a fifth seed in the playoffs after being handed a win against the Indianapolis Colts the very same way just a week earlier.


So where does that leave the Pittsburgh Steelers?


It leaves Pittsburgh fighting with Baltimore for the very last playoff spot, the sixth seed.


That is, of course, unless the Houston Texans pull out a win against the New England Patriots, who are looking to secure a third seed in their 1 o’clock game. But this seems as unlikely to me as Cincinnati following that game up with a win against the Jets.


Again, forget all other scenarios that seem highly unlikely and focus on the Steelers best hope.


Find some black and silver around the house and get ready to cheer on the Oakland Raiders.


For the sake of the Steelers and all Steelers fans alike, it's Cyborg time!