Double Trouble: How Arizona Could Have Their Hands Full Twice

Ryan CookFeatured ColumnistDecember 28, 2009

We're used to doubleheaders in the NBA and even in the NHL. But the NFL? Who would have thought?

Both coming off fresh and fairly convincing victories yesterday against Seattle and St. Louis, Green Bay and Arizona look to go head to head next Sunday at The University of Phoenix Stadium in what is shaping up to be a clash of two titans.

The Cardinals already in firm control of their destiny, having secured their spot in the playoffs with an easy divisional title in the NFC West. Receiving the news that they may have to play Green Bay twice, however, leaves a lot more food on the plate of a team that has had its fair share of tough opponents so far this season.

Although both games may end up being played in Arizona, the Packers are no cake walk. Having beaten opponents like San Francisco, Chicago, Baltimore and Dallas this season, the Packers are flying into Arizona with a bundle of confidence like no other.

One question remains for both teams, and it is a question we are all so familiar with this week. Should both teams rest their starters?

Well, it's simple. Green Bay need the momentum going into the postseason; sitting at a fifth seed is all well and good, but the Packers have struggled offensively at times. 

Donald Driver summed up how important it was for the Packers to get win number 11.

"I think that's where you have to stand because you don't know where you're going to play," Driver said. "You can't sit guys down. It's really up to Mike anyway, but if guys want to play, I think he should let us play. We've got to keep our offense right."

As for Arizona, resting their starters is an option. A loss isn't going to affect them either way, and risking an injury to Kurt Warner, Larry Fitzgerald or Tim Hightower is a roll of the dice that the Cardinals don't need to throw. Green Bay's defense has been great all season, so why risk throwing 3 interceptions, going down for a few sacks and lowering your teams confidence a little? Right?

Either way the regular season game goes, it doesn't really matter. The playoffs are what counts. If the stars align and these two teams end up meeting one another in two weeks' time, I say bring it on. With the Packers' exciting defense and the Cardinals' high powered offense, there is no reason for this one not to go down as one of the blockbuster games of '09.