Everyone Is Having Fun Except Al Davis

Al's WingmanAnalyst IDecember 28, 2009

So let's see...

Norv Turner’s stock is surging and due a contract extension in San Diego, regardless if they win a super bowl or not. The fact is they are a solid team with or without LT.

Jon Gruden is doing well in the booth and can have his pick of new coaching jobs if he chooses that path.

Browns Defensive Coordinator Rob Ryan beat his former team doing nothing innovative in the process.

Linebackers coach Don Martindale who almost beat out Tom Cable for the head coaching job in Oakland, is now with the Broncos, a potential playoff team and division rival.

Even Lane Kiffin has overcome the odds. despite his many mistakes at the onset of his reign at UT, has now won over many skeptics and has his team in a bowl game.

Who knows what Art Shell is up to.

And Al Davis is nowhere to be seen in his team’s final road game of the season.

When Al Davis misses a game, you know there has to be good reason. It could very well be his health is fragile, no reason to endure travel in such cold weather. Though, Al skipped last year's finale in Tampa Bay too. Meaning, maybe the lack of playoff possibilities diminishes the game's importance. Still, it is unlike him to simply not be there to take in every morsel of his team’s activity.

What is odd is that his wife and son would attend the game. Those are two people that have nothing whatsoever to do with football operations. Hard to believe they would seriously care a wink about a game in frozen Cleveland. Even harder to believe is that they would be there for appearances sake. Who are you kidding Al? Just hand over the reins to Mark already if that's the message. At least he will have the good sense to hire knowledgeable football people to right the ship you refuse to do.

That's the last piece of the puzzle. That's the key to making all of this bad dream known as the downward spiral of the franchise go away. It may take more than one season but guaranteed, if knowledgeable football people had authority to make personnel decisions and Al Davis was eliminated entirely from the equation, the franchise would rebound.

As it stands, we have had another washout season with a handful of feel good moments but mostly disappointment and frustration. We are tired of bad head coaching hires or coaches who lack authority.

We are tired of poor personnel decisions in general. It's not enough to have an All-Pro punter and a sometimes accurate placekicker. Who really cares if so many other problems go unaddressed. Sure, a few good pickups like Greg Ellis and Richard Seymour are noteworthy but you can see the bottom line is not enough wins. Not enough has been done.

So your plan is not working Al. How long will you let this go on? Will your icy death grip be the final stand? That would be a shame.

And we know this latest loss in Cleveland puts you in a deeper hole. It's hard to cut Cable loose and bring in another new staff. Too many coaching changes in too short a time.

The players are tired of the coaching changes every season but they don't matter either. The whole roster will overhaul within a few seasons anyway. We have to wonder if it really matters if Cable stays or goes.

So what are you going to do Al? Other than wait for Baltimore to come into town with a notion of taking the final regular season win so their playoff spot is secure.

Maybe you'll shake John Harbaugh's hand and tell him say hello to the kids. That's about all that's left for the '09 season.