The Jerome Bettis Show contradicts Yahoo Playoff Scenarios

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The Jerome Bettis Show contradicts Yahoo Playoff Scenarios
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Jerome Bettis, the running back of the Steelers' recent past, is a hero to a lot of Steelers fans including myself.

His straight ahead, north-south running style was the signature of the Steelers smash mouth offense that has now become more of a pass oriented offense.

Watching his show last night I was shocked to see what they thought needed to happen for the Steelers to remain in playoff contention.

This is what was listed...

1) The Steelers need to win out.

2) Every single AFC team at 7-7 needed to lose a game except Tennessee, who we beat head-to-head.

and most importantly...

3) The Steelers needed Baltimore to lose to Oakland in the final week.

Over the past week, people on this site have debated the NFL playoff procedures and tie-breakers. They can be read here...

What was debated the most was this very statement listed under the heading. Three or more clubs...

"1. Apply division tiebreaker to eliminate all but the highest ranked club in each division prior to proceeding to step 2. "

Some people, including the people on the Jerome Bettis show apparently, take this statement as meaning that the Steelers will not get in if they finish tied with Baltimore.

Which means that Baltimore would have to lose next week to Oakland.

However, some people think that this statement would override the previous, including yahoo's playoff generator apparently...

"When the first Wild-Card team has been identified, the procedure is repeated to name the second Wild-Card"

This means that even though Pittsburgh was eliminated to allow Baltimore the first wild card spot, that it would then be put back in to figure who would win the second wild card spot.

As i said, this is confirmed in yahoo's playoff generator, which can be found by following this link...

It clearly shows that Pittsburgh can still get in without Baltimore losing to Oakland.

So who is right and what is the real meaning behind the NFL's playoff procedures? For Pittsburgh's sake, I hope that yahoo is right and the Jerome Bettis show is not.

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