The Ship Is Sinking: Favre and Childress Rowing in Opposite Directions

Casey MabbottContributor IDecember 24, 2009

I have a simple holiday wish this year.

Brett Favre needs to hire Jackie Moon to be his new agent. Bus Cook is no longer getting it done.

Jackie Moon was the owner, general manager, coach, and star forward of the Flint Tropics.

Brett is clearly only happy when he is calling all the shots.

The ol’ gunslinger is clearly one of the all time greats. And perhaps he is one of the most underrated football minds.

He clearly wants the kind of freedom that Peyton Manning enjoys. Manning is given “suggestions” from his offensive coordinator and then makes the decision at the line which play will work best. He is trusted to make the right call in order to give his team the best chance.

Favre has clearly proven he is capable of the big play in the biggest moments. He should be given the chance to call his own plays.

Brad Childress will never allow that to happen.

Childress is an old school coach, who believes players should play and coaches should coach. His play calling is predictable at best and rarely throws a knot into the plans of the defense. He believes his play call will beat any defense if his players execute.

With how talented defensive players are today, that may be the most naïve game plan you could draw up.

That is not to say coaches from the past would not do well if thrown into the mix today. Coaches such as Lombardi, Walsh, or Knoll would succeed if brought on since they were clearly innovative minds. 

With the amount of knowledge and ability necessary to play the quarterback position, you need to be a coach on the field. And you need the freedom to audible.

One of Favre’s favorite moments of his career came during his Super Bowl victory in 1996.

During his first offensive series, he approached the line, noted the defense was in a formation he liked, and audibled to a deep route for Andre Rison.

The result was a touchdown and a big time momentum swing.

Knowing your QB has the ability to spot a weakness in a defense and refusing to grant him the ability to change to a play he is more comfortable with is downright sloppy coaching.

No one is going to say Childress is a great coach.

He has long been faced with a locker room that spat at his play calling. He has been blessed with owners ready to pay big for the best players. He has been given too much lenience. Perhaps it is time for ownership to put a leash on him similar to the ones his players are forced into.

When you have a roster as talented as Minnesota’s, there should be no excuse. You cannot tell me the players are not trying their best. Everyone on that roster is hell bent on a Super Bowl berth. They simply need the handcuffs removed.

How Childress got the job in the first place is a mystery.

He had stacked rosters in Philadelphia that never won a title. Between himself and offensive guru Andy Reid, a team featuring Donovan McNabb, Terrell Owens, and Brian Westbrook in their collective primes were unable to win when it counted most.

Now the Vikings appear ready to de-rail a championship contender that was on the right track.

Brett Favre feels underappreciated, and he should.

He has personally raised the level of play around him, similar to the way Peyton Manning  and Drew Brees have done.

He is having one of the best seasons in a storied career. Many are saying it is the best ever, but I don’t know what stats they are looking at.

He threw for far more yards in 1995, and will not come close to the 39 touchdowns he tossed in 1996.

He is 10-3 this season, and can only hit the same 13-3 mark he built in 1996 and 2007.

He is enjoying the best completion percentage and QB rating of his life, but without large numbers of touchdowns and yards I am not sure really how important those numbers are.

Favre obviously enjoyed the most success under coach Mike Holmgrene, who was recently hired to be the president of the Browns.

Can you imagine if a great coach like Shanahan or Marriucci was brought on board? And then Favre joined them?

I would have to believe that would be a dream come true for sports fans everywhere.

Favre has limited say in anything that happens in the current regime.

He has lobbied for star players in the past, and I have to believe he will want a big name receiver this offseason if the team continues to be inconsistent in the passing game. Rice and Harvin will become major threats in the near future, but are not quite there.

I do not believe the Vikings in their current form will beat a team such as the Colts or Saints.

I do not believe Favre in his current status will be effective.

In order for him to be the most effective and stop the complaining, perhaps it is time he purchase, run, coach, and star for a team in the newly formed UFL.

If not, perhaps a trade with the Browns is in order.

Barring a Super Bowl vicotry, I do not expect to see Favre in a Viking jersey next season.