Racist Stigma Stands Regardless Of Jamarcus' Play

Keilyn EllisCorrespondent IDecember 23, 2009

For the sake of the argument, lets just say Jamarcus is as  bad as so called "Raider fans" say. Or maybe you can consider the lack of faith exhibited by an incompetent head coach and  wishy washy, fair-weather fans. For what ever reason, all QBs who don't fit the idea of what a QB is supposed to look like have faced these same obstacles, from Moon to McNabb, to now Russell. The disproportionate and often unwarranted criticism of Russell is at times disrespectful and borderline racist considering that his Caucasian counterpart in Chicago has 25 damn ints. and is on the verge of setting an NFL record, leading the league for the second year in a row(a position typically reserved for Brett Favre.) No QB controversy there.


In my opinion Jay Cutler is arguably the worst QB in the league, and possibly in NFL history, yet he doesn't receive half the criticism as the young Russell. Russell has been booed at home and lambasted in the media since day one, all the while enduring a corp of receivers who cant catch(including Murphy), no running game, an offensive line that is reduced to a cowardly "zone blocking scheme" and a coach who's play calling border lines autistic simplicity.


So called Raider fans find any reason to discredit Russell, even when he is successful. "That TD to Miller against Philly was not because of him, it was all Murphy and Miller" So I guess they dropped back and threw it to themselves too? "That game winning drive against Denver was luck and the receiver made all the plays." What??? The receiver is SUPPOSED to catch the ball! We don't break down Gradkowski padding his stats by throwing to McFadden in space and letting him RAC. We don't talk about how the receivers were wide open all day against Pittsburgh. We don't talk about how Cable caters to Gradkowski and Frye pulling out the 3 and 4 receiver sets and the crossing route to Higgins. Where was that the first 12 weeks?


As far as Im concerned Jamarcus is still a rookie until he has a competent coach. We saw a glimpse of what he can do in the face of adversity given a decent running game and some weapons on the field instead of  on the bench where players like JLH, Schilens seem to languish under the incompetent Cable. He stepped up in the pocket and took the hits to deliver the pass, unlike his girly predecessors Gradkowski and Frye who run scared every time the D breaks loose. Now they know what Russell feels like every week. Gradkowski and Frye have proved to be too fragile to play behind such a faulty and inconsistent offensive line.


The Raiders, may Never have an African American QB again thanks to this stigma manufactured by racist media and perpetuated by ignorant fans. Back then it was "They're not smart enough" now its "Too fat and Lazy" Whatever it is, the damage has been done and the stigma is created. So before you go blaming the ineptitude of the Raiders on one player amongst 22, and countless so called "coaches" Really think about how much worse it could be. We could have traded for Cutler or Delhomme. We could have drafted Brady Quinn. And worse yet, we could keep Cable in 2010. Start Russell, fire Cable.