Quinn Placed on IR: What Does It Mean For The Browns?

Ron G.Contributor IDecember 22, 2009

CHICAGO - NOVEMBER 01: Derek Anderson #3 of the Cleveland Browns turns to hand-off against the Chicago Bears at Soldier Field on November 1, 2009 in Chicago, Illinois. The Bears defeated the Browns 30-6.  (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

At the end of Sundays nail-biter, Brady Quinn scrambled for a first down, and at the end of the run, a Chief fell on the back of his leg as he went out of bounds and Quinn looked injured. He came back into the game to finish it off, so nothing was thought of it. Well today he was place on Injured Reserve with a foot injury that will end his season.

Cue Derek Anderson

Prior to now, Derek Anderson was believed to be of no value to us as far as trades go. That now changes. Anderson will have a 2 week audition for other teams. With Oakland being a concensus place for him to go, it's perfect timing. I don't want it to sound like I'm glad Quinn got hurt, because that's not the case. What I'm trying to point out is that with a strong finish to the season Anderson could become worth a pick, where to this point it was believed he'd just be cut after the season which gives us nothing in return for him.

For this to happen however, Anderson will need to revert back to his early 2007 form. Of late, it's been the running game winning us games, so it really doesn't matter what Quarterback is running things, that won't change moving forward. But Anderson will need to finish the season off strong, and make plays when given the opportunity. I'm not a huge Anderson supporter, but you better believe I'll be rooting him against the Raiders and Jaguars. With a good showing in those 2 games, I believe he could rise to the point of getting us a 4th round pick in return for him.

It's hard to say if the old Anderson will show up, or if the throw into triple coverage and run backwards for big sacks Anderson will let us down yet again. But we have a chance to now sell him to another team, which wasn't an option prior to Quinns injury.