Raiders Do Damage to Donkeys' Playoff Hopes

Al's WingmanAnalyst IDecember 21, 2009

Who is the worst QB in the NFL?


Before this past Sunday JaMarcus Russell was everyone's immediate first choice.


Then the Denver Broncos had the indignity of being beaten by Jamarcus in the final seconds. By default, this makes him less bad than most people thought he was. Even if it was one moment of heroism, sometimes that's all it takes—at least until he plays again and has another chance to face plant or be a hero.


Donkey fans can't be pleased with this turn of events. This game was supposed to be a springboard into the playoffs for Denver.


Instead, it breathed new life into the walrus-sized, overpaid, airheaded JaMarcus—the man who does nothing well except throw a football great distances with great velocity. Even if most of the time his throws are uncatchable for one reason or another.


In fact, we might have to admit that Russell's stock rose higher on Sunday than say...Jay Cutler and Kyle Orton combined.


Hard to believe that Cutler is a washout in Chicago after such solid play in Denver in previous seasons. 


As for the Donkeys, at least Orton carries himself as a pro. As a team, after such a good start to the season, to become woeful, even more woeful than the Raiders...well, that just has to be a kick in the pants to Broncos fans far and wide.


Let's be fair. The Raiders are wildly inconsistent from week to week. The Broncos beat themselves with untimely penalties, an inability to finish drives with TDs, and a run defense that disappeared in the clutch.


Maybe the Broncos felt they could sleepwalk through another blowout win as they accomplished earlier in the season at Oakland.


All JaMeatloaf had to do was trot on the field in the fourth quarter, pick himself up off the turf after a few bad series, then sling a dart to negate the playoff hopes of the Donkeys.  In the process, he just might have salvaged the $9 million he's contractually due next season from Uncle Al.


A last-minute win in Denver almost assuredly saved Tom Cable's job. That is unless the Raiders can't pull it together in Cleveland next week or get blown out in the home finale against a surging Baltimore team.