Chris Henry, Bengals: Cincinnati Suffers Blow as Wide Receiver Passes Away

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Chris Henry, Bengals: Cincinnati Suffers Blow as Wide Receiver Passes Away
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The Bengals had a very strong 2005 NFL Draft which helped them have great success and make it to the playoffs that season. 

Their first draft pick was defensive end David Pollack, the second was linebacker Odell Thurman, and the third was wide receiver Chris Henry.

Sadly now, none of those three players remain in Cincinnati. Pollack injured his spine and decided not to return to the NFL. Odell Thurman got in trouble with drugs, and after his second shot, couldn’t play to his full potential. And now Chris Henry is also gone.

Cincinnati Bengals Wide Receiver Chris Henry died this morning, after sustaining injuries to the head from falling off a moving pick-up truck driven by fiancée Loleini Tonga, yesterday.

Tonga was released from custody after questioning, and seemingly isn't being charged, after the couple got into an argument which led to the accident.

Henry was only 26-years-old and was finally heading on the right path, after major off-the-field problems early in his career.

Henry was no stranger to being in the news, but for once this is not something that will tarnish the team.

He is a great loss for the Bengals. The Bengals didn’t use him as much as they could have this season. But if they had realized what they had, it would have been a key matchup to look out for.

Although he was out for the rest of the current season with a forearm injury, the Bengals will miss him down the road.

Henry was not short on talent and he could have been the best receiver on the team if given the opportunity. But sadly, he won’t have another chance to make it on the field.

He will be widely missed by an organization that took him in and believed in him when no one else did. The Bengals gave him many second chances and helped him be the man he went on to be.

This should be motivation for the offense to get things going and to win for the second person to pass away in this organization this season.

Defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer’s wife past away earlier in the season, and the Bengals responded well with a big win against Baltimore.

I expect a No. 15 sticker on the helmets of the players this Sunday and for the Bengals to win the game for Chris Henry.

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