J.P Losman Going to the Raiders

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J.P Losman Going to the Raiders
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I am pretty excited about this! JP is a local hero here in Venice and having him come to my favorite NFL team is exciting. Losman has a great arm and is very mobile but with size. I always thought he got the rod in Buffalo by rotating management but this one sentence really convinced me he was the right fit for the Raiders "Losman, on the other hand, stared humility and failure in the face, accepted a contract with the UFL, and has worked his way back" You see This Raider team is loaded with talent and before the last Russell interview I wanted Russell to make a "Youngesce" return but the fool went & blamed his receivers for his bad play then he said "no" to restructuring his contract even though Russell Torpedo the team with his poor preparation for the season. Does he know what the economy is like out here? He will cause he's going to be gone and now maybe he'll learn some humility.. Talk surfaced that Coach Jim Fassel might follow Losman who he coach to a Championship in the UFL but I as a fan would like keep Cable & this coaching staff. Why? well Cable is liked by his player's, his play calling has been very good despite Russell ineptitude and as far as I'm concerned he's been vetted by media already an found innocent. I'm waiting for him or the Raiders to sue ESPN for their hack reporting job they did about Cable's ex's. Cable has been unfairly blasted by everything and still has players talking positive about him he should stay. The Defense is in good hands as well. Marshall hears his all pro CB complain about the simpleness of their scheme the next week more exotic coverage's and a good game. This kind of communication is invaluable an should prosper with this young talent team... Um # 2 excluded. Mr. Hanson should even stay. He will serve as an example of what happens to assistant coaches who rat behind there co-workers to the boss. " See little Timmy & Chloe what happens when your a rat fink. You spent the rest of your days being a paranoid freak picking up dirty towels and putting footballs in garbage cans despite being a 30 something college grad"... Angels fly because they take themselves lightly...

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