Now Is the Time To Trade Calvin Johnson While the Lions Still Can

Caleb M.Analyst IDecember 17, 2009

BALTIMORE - DECEMBER 13:  Tom Zbikowski #28 of the Baltimore Ravens defends against the Detroit Lions at M&T Bank Stadium on December 13, 2009 in Baltimore, Maryland. The Ravens defeated the Lions 48-3. (Photo by Larry French/Getty Images)
Larry French/Getty Images

This year was a season of hope for Lions fans. Jim Schwartz was brought on board along with a new coaching staff.  Thirty one players of the 2009 53 man roster are not part of the Matt Millen era. Oh, did I mention they fired Matt Millen? 

There were even snazzy new uniforms to completely put the Millen era behind us.

Yes indeed, the year looked bright. 

Now it looks like another season down the toilet and fans are already looking to next year.  True they are 2,000% better than last season, but the playoffs are still light-years away.

One player remaining from the Millen time period is wide receiver standout Calvin Johnson.  Is it time for him to go too?

Johnson is just about the closest thing to a star player the Lions have. But so was Joey Harrington, Mike Williams, and Roy Williams.

The point?

One man cannot carry the whole team on his shoulders. It takes more than one star to take a team to the playoffs.  There's numerous examples around the league today that prove my point such as Matt Schaub from Houston, Steven Jackson from St. Louis, Jairus Byrd from Buffalo, and Chris Johnson at Tennessee to name a few

Obviously, Detroit won't be heading into the playoffs for a while.  One thing that could help get them there faster is trading Calvin Johnson.

It won't be a popular decision among Lions fans to trade away the only legitimate superstar, but taking this action will greatly help their future.  And the future is what the Lions have been investing in since 1957.

Last year GM Martin Meyhew traded Roy Williams and received first, third, and sixth round picks. Calvin Johnson will be worth much more.

If the Lions trade him now, using the picks they get on the offensive and defensive lines , and a first round pick on Eric Berry , a saftey out of Tennessee, Detroit could be looking at a winning record within three years.

Detroit needs to trade Calvin to a team that's confident they are a playmaker away from playoff and Super Bowl hopes.  They would be willing to give up a number of early draft picks and in the process, give the Lions what they need to fix their biggest issue:  A lack of talent.

Calvin Johnson needs to be traded in his prime or it'll be one more star ruined by the Lions for nothing.

That may be a loser's mentality, but let's face it—the Lions are losers. If they ever want to be winners, they have to start making some sacrifices.