Would "Chucky" Ever Come Back To The Raider Nation?

Darkside KesslerCorrespondent IDecember 15, 2009

5 Nov 2001:   Jon Gruden head coach of the Oakland Raiders runs onto the field with quarterback Rich Gannon for the second half of their game versus the Denver Broncos at Network Associates Coliseum in Oakland, California.  The Raiders won 38-28.  DIGITAL IMAGE   Mandatory Credit:   Jed Jacobsohn/Allsport
Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images

Ok, maybe this is wishful thinking, but could it happen.  The Raiders have been in shambles since loosing to their former coach in the Super Bowl.

But is it a possibility?  Gruden didn't want out of Oakland, he wanted to be paid more for his ability to turn the crappy Raiders of the mid 90's into a power house in the NFL.  Of course he wanted more.  It was his TWO teams playing in that Super Bowl.  And it is well known that Gruden hasn't spoken ill of Davis since leaving. 

So could Al swallow his pride and offer Gruden a contract worthy of this amazing coach and writing into that contract more power for this amazing coach that could lead his team back to the Promised Land.  Well of course he could, but it is probably not going to happen, because Al doesn't want to give that kind of control to his handpicked coaches.

Watching the Raiders under Gruden has been the times for me watching the Raiders, and if there is a way to get him back Al should jump at the chance.  Maybe we as citizens of the Raider Nation should find a way to push this.  65,000 fans chanting Chucky at home games can be pretty loud and the old man might actually hear.  Amy Trask needs to push the issue too.

I am not saying that Cable is doing a bad job, but he is like Rob Ryan, he is a puppet to Al, we all know how the Kiffin Experiment worked out, but at least Kiffin was just trying to asert independence from the owner.

This needs to happen, for the team, for the fans, for the Lombardi.