WWE TLC 2009 Prediction Competition Results

Hayley-L GrahamSenior Analyst IDecember 14, 2009

TLC has come and gone, and it was definitely one of the most controversial PPV's that's graced our screens in a long time.

Almost nobody saw Christian or Undertaker retaining their titles, but the biggest upset of the night was when Sheamus beat John Cena to receive his first taste of championship gold.

With all this being said, how did all of you do in this month's Prediction Competition?

In a playing field with a record 55 participants, we had one person step up to the plate to gain not only 100 percent, but their second clean sweep in the past four months!

However, I'm sure you'd all like to know how good (or bad) you did! This means taking a look at the points table below:


55th: Two points

John Landrigan


54th: Three points

Kenneth Fink


Joint 53rd: Four points

Zohair Khan

Tom Dunn

Kenneth Fagan

Benjamin David

Jose Moguel


Mike Macho


Joint 46th: Five points

Asheel Din

Justin Erickson

Rocky Getters

Shane H

Sulayman H

Quinn Gammon


Joint 40th: Six points


Christopher Ngo

Steven Merriam

Hayley-L Graham

Damian H


Joint 35th: Seven points

Dub Sizzle

Josh McMullen

Jamie Harding

Brandon Crosswhite

Mike Salvatore

Patrick Schoemehl

Steve Ramey


Joint 28th: Eight points

Nathan Bentley

Legend Killer

Melmar Felloso

Niall Kelcher


Joint 24th: Nine points

xxValentinoxx Aka rashad

Kendrick Davis

Dustin Speaker

Thant Hardy

Mark Delaney


Joint 19th: 10 points

Hurrican Hubbard

Josh Logan

Robbie Boukarroum

Ali Mashraf

Ricky Bhatia

Ashley Morris

David Eddings

Nathan Snead


Joint 11th: 11 points

Memmie B

Roopan Verma

Eric Kanevskiy

Justin Thomas


Seventh: 12 points

Jonathan Barnes


Joint sixth: 13 points

Rob Gushue

Tobias Lux

Terrell Johnson


Joint third: 14 points

Kevin C

Dale Burke


First: 16 points

Gagan Samra


Huge congratulations to Gagan for claiming a second victory of the year, as well as the final win for 2009!

As always, thank you all for taking part, as without your participation, there wouldn't be any contest!

Have a merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I'll see you all at Royal Rumble 2010!