Giants Are Clueless

Sports Radio NY AM1240-WGBBContributor IDecember 14, 2009

You can run through all the scenarios you want about the Giants possibly getting a wildcard but the bottom line is, this loss to the Eagles was brutal. They will need extreme luck in order to make the playoffs. And to be honest, they don’t deserve it.

The Giants did not show that they could make a stop on defense and they hardly made any at all. They did have one pick which was big, but then Eli fumbled it right back as we discovered that we now have two NY quarterbacks who have no ability to slide when they need to.

The play call was also just abysmal (as usual). Kevin Gilbride is not creative at all and at the end of the game when you have 3rd and 5 and you need a big play, you DO NOT run the ball. Also at the end of the game when Ahmad Bradshaw gets 50 yards on a dump play, you do not run the same play 8 more times. It worked once. After that you need to move on.

The Giants are taking me back to the Jim Fassel era (I know the Giants have been bad many other times but I was born in 1990 and I remember Jim Fassel’s teams the most) and they don’t look like a playoff team.

It was just an overall pathetic display of football. And Mario Manningham needs to realize he has graduated from college. On two occasions, he had a touchdown taken away because he could not get two feet in bounds.

I would say 85% of the blame of this game goes to the defense’s inability to make a stop when necessary but Kevin Gilbride is just awful, and the wide receivers are too inexperienced. Hakeem Nicks dropped a wide open pass early on (although he redeemed himself) and then later in the game, legitimately ran backwards. Eli would definitely like to have Plaxico Burress when they need a big play but he is gone and the Giants miss him.

The Giants also seem to have no urgency at the end of games and I think Kevin Gilbride takes way too long to get plays in and then of course once he gets the plays in, he is awful. It is kind of like when you go to that same restaurant you always go to but you always look over the menu anyway just in case. You look and you look and you look, and then in the end, you get the same exact thing you always get. That is the story of Kevin Gilbride. He looks over the plays like it is a dinner menu, and then just makes that same bland selection. It’s a joke.

Eli Manning had a good night though. He threw for 391 yards and 3 touchdowns. But when the Giants were looking for a Hanukkah miracle, I don’t know what he is thinking. First he is almost sacked by a defender lying on his stomach in the end zone, and on the next play decides to just not throw the ball and he fumbled it away for the second time in the game.

Although the Giants aren’t mathematically done, I think they are physically done. The Giants still need to win out to have any hope and honestly who knows what the deal will be?