AFC South: Not All O-Lines Are Created Equal

Corey KoehlerSenior Analyst IJune 18, 2008

The Jacksonville offensive line is a mean unit that sets the tone for its offense. In Indianapolis, the Peyton-Manning-led Colts thrive on the quick thinking of their quarterback. Either way, both offensive lines produce great results with completely different formulas.

Moral of the story: It might not matter how you win, just as long as you find a way to win. Expect Jacksonville and Indianapolis to again make the playoffs and for their respective skill-players to shine in 2008, thanks to the contributions on the offensive line.

Conversely, Tennessee and Houston will struggle because of the lack of talent up front.


Jacksonville Jaguars (First in AFC South, Second in Conference)
This unit brings its lunch pail every Sunday, taking on the hard-nosed style of its coach. They consistently open huge holes for the two-headed monster known as Fred Taylor and Maurice Jones-Drew.

LT Khalif Barnes
LG Vince Manuwai
C Brad Meester
RG Maurice Williams
RT Tony Pashos


Indianapolis Colts (Second in AFC South, Third in Conference)
This group is solid, but unspectacular. What puts them over the top is Peyton Manning’s ability to run the offense and distribute the ball quickly. Manning definitely makes these guys better.

LT Tony Ugoh
LG Ryan Lilja
C Jeff Saturday
RG Charile Johnson
RT Ryan Diem


Tennessee Titans (Third in AFC South, 12th in Conference)
This unit is not that exciting, especially since 37-year old Kevin Mawae is holding down the fort at center. Overall, it’s hard to evaluate this unit with the unpredictability of Vince Young, in and out of the pocket.

LT Michael Roos
LG Eugene Amano
C Kevin Mawae
RG Jake Scott
RT David Stewart


Houston Texans (Fourth in AFC South, 13th in Conference)
This franchise is still trying to hit its stride, as is the offensive line. Former Hurricane Eric Winston has shown potential at tackle.

LT Duane Brown (26th overall pick)
LG Chester Pitts
C Chris Myers
RG Fred Weary
RT Eric Winston


This is the first post in a series in which we will go division by division, looking at and ranking the most overlooked factor in the success of your fantasy football squad, the offensive line.

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