WWE TLC 2009 Prediction Competition

Hayley-L GrahamSenior Analyst IDecember 12, 2009

The snow is falling, the chestnuts are roasting, and everyone is looking forward to having a little TLC over Christmas. However, this is TLC, WWE style!

The first ever TLC PPV is this weekend, and this is the last chance for the WWE stars to make an impact heading into the new year.

With the first ever meeting of John Cena and Sheamus, as well as the long awaited match-up between Christian and Shelton Benjamin, there are unlimited possibilities on the horizon!

However, does having all these possibilities mean that this will be the PPV to trip up all you brave soothsayers out there in Internet land?

Yes, it's that time again when we risk our pride for glory in an attempt to prove who is the most accurate predictor on Bleacher Report!

As always, rules for the competition can be found here! Anyone can play, all that is required is to leave your predictions as a comment below before the PPV starts tomorrow evening.

If there are any problems regarding point assignment, please don't hesitate to let me know.

So then, with all the formalities over and done with, let's move on to the matches at this years TLC:


Undertaker vs Batista: World Heavyweight Championship Chairs match (3)

John Cena vs Sheamus: WWE Championship Tables match (3)

Christian vs Shelton Benjamin: ECW Championship Ladders match (3)

DX vs Jerishow: Unified Tag Team Championship TLC match (2)

John Morrison vs Drew McIntyre: Intercontinental Championship match (2)

Randy Orton vs Kofi Kingston (2)

Michelle McCool vs Mickie James: Women's Championship (1)


With such a wide variety of matches on offer, it isn't going to be easy for anyone to predict their way to 100 percent, but as we all know by now, anything can happen in the WWE!

As previously mentioned, anyone can enter, and you have until the PPV to leave your predictions below.

Good luck, and happy predicting!