Adalius Thomas Needs to Grow Up and Stop His Complaining Already

Ryan PickardCorrespondent IDecember 11, 2009

FOXBORO, MA - AUGUST 30:  Adalius Thomas of the New England Patriots watches the action against the New York Giants at the Gilette Stadium on August 30, 2007  in Foxboro, Massachusetts.  (Photo by Jim Rogash/Getty Images)
Jim Rogash/Getty Images

Is anybody as sick of Adalius Thomas and his complaing as much as I am. After being late to a  practice and then acting like it wasn't a big deal and pretty much calling out Bill Belichick it's time to call him out.

Thomas was signed as a free agent for the Pats during the 2006 offseason. He signed a five year contract worth $ 35 million with a guaranteed $ 20 million. At the time this seemed like a great deal. The Pats linebackers were starting to age and Thomas was expected to take their places.

Thomas who had orginally been drafted by the Ravens in 2000 was just coming off of an All Pro year where he recorded a career high 106 tackes and 11 sacks. He seemed like a perfect fit for the Pats defense.

His first year in New England wasn't his best as he rotated in and out at linebacker for the Pats. He finally got his chance at starting after Rosevelt Colvin was placed on injured reserve in November of the 2007 season.

He continued to be the starter entering the 2008 season leading the team in sacks with five until he was placed on injured reserve in Week 10. This has been his best season so far.

This year he kept getting playing time but as the season went along his playing time began to dwindle and came to a low when he was deactivated for the Titans game in late October. Since the move his playing time has come few and far between which has led him to call out others.

After being deactivated he seemed suprised and when asked if it would help to fire him up to play better he said that he doesn't need something like that to get his game going. Well what does he need because that sure didn't work as he hasn't done anything since.

The latest incident came this past Wedensday. Thomas along with three other Patriots, Randy Moss, Gary Guyton, and Derrick Burgess were all late to practice and were immediately sent home by Belichick.

They were only nine minutes late but when 56 other guys make it to the practice on time there is no excuse to be late. Thomas said he was late because he was caught off guard by the snow and he had no idea that it was supposed to snow. I can't buy that at all. Did he seriously not see the weather report at all or hear about it from someone else.

The real reason for calling him out now though is his reaction to being sent home. Thomas said he was dumbfounded and had no idea why he would be sent home for being just a few minutes late.

Just like after he was deactivated he said this was not motivation at all and that this is something for kindergartners. There were some other things but I don't think there exactly appopriate to write here.

The point of this is that it's time for Thomas to grow up already. The Patriots for the better part of this decade have been a very tight knit group of players who always have each others back. There hasn't ever been a player who doesn't go along with the " Patriot way" until now.

Most Pats fans don't expect Thomas to be back next year and it will be for the best. He hasn't bought into the Patriots system since being here and will go down as one of the worser signings by the Pats this decade.

It will be intersting to see what Belichick does with him with four games remaining in the regular season. If he does play him will Thomas play harder because he is now playing to show off to other teams what he still has left in the tank or will he just give nothing since he has already given up on this team.