Mike Tomlin: For The Sake Of Your Coaching Future, Swallow Your Pride.

Timothy KesslerAnalyst IDecember 11, 2009

KANSAS CITY, MO - NOVEMBER 22:  Head Coach Mike Tomlin of the Pittsburgh Steelers watches his team warmup during NFL action against the Kansas City Chiefs at Arrowhead Stadium on November 22, 2009 in Kansas City, Missouri.  The Chiefs defeated the Steelers 27-24.  (Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images)
Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

Five weeks is not a tremendous amount of time; however, it is apparently enough time to turn a career around and instill doubt in the minds of people who once believed.

In the past five weeks, Tomlin's inexperience as a head coach has come to the surface.

He has taken responsibility for his team's loses, he has spoken of big changes and about how he planned on fixing the issues, yet he has accomplished nothing. In fact, despite everything he has said and done, things have gotten worse.

Tomlin has allowed team unity to fall to an all time low.

Does this mean the guy should lose his job? I don't necessarily believe that is the case, at least not yet.

Tomlin has lost the confidence of most of the Steeler Nation, but what’s worse is the fact that he has lost the confidence of his players.

His lack of taking appropriate action in getting rid of Arians is his number one fault. What is blatantly obvious to nearly every Steelers fan has somehow slipped past Tomlin's wit. And what we see, the players most certainly see themselves.

Why in the world would any team, especially one as historied as our own, hire an unproven offensive coordinator from a losing team, with a losing record in the first place? And now that he has shown that he is only hurting the team, why is he still a part of it?

That is something that Tomlin needs to address.

After the Steelers’ loss to Oakland, Mike Tomlin was asked about our playoff chances. His response was one that NO coach should ever utter. "Hah ... playoffs?"

The tone of his voice said more than the words themselves and was all the players needed to hear to lose any confidence they may have had left...in their coach and ultimately in themselves.

You should NOT give up on your team and players, ever, let alone express it in public, before they are even mathematically eliminated from the playoffs. That can not happen, should not happen.

It goes hand and hand with his "play not to lose" attitude.

After the Baltimore game when asked why Dixon wasn't used in more of a style that would have played to his strengths, Tomlin replied with..."we did not want him to get hurt."

That is playing with fear in mind and it is most certainly picked up on by the players. It does nothing at all for their confidence, other than hurting it.

Are these simply things that come along with inexperience? Things that Tomlin can learn from, and realize he definitely needs to change in the future? Or, are these things that should get him fired?

He has certainly made some very poor decisions, as well as not made decisions that need to be made.

What do I think should happen?

I think Tomlin needs to quite talking so much to the press about how he is responsible for the problems and start taking action that will lend itself to real change.

He needs to swallow his pride. He needs to sit down with the entire team and apologize to them. Apologize to them for his inexperience in these types of situations. Apologize to them for his lack of action in letting Arians go, and actually fire him. Tell his team that he will do everything in his power, from here on out, to do what is best for the team and its success. Let them know that not only is his door open, but he welcomes them. Tell them that their input is every bit as important as his staff. And most importantly, he needs to apologize for showing a lack of confidence and trust in them and let them know that he will no longer coach with fear in his heart.

If he were to do all this, I feel that the team would respect him more and he would be able to turn things around and stay on as a successful coach.

If he does not, I do not see him being a successful coach.

If he can coach a team with this much talent to a 6-7 season thus far, what kind of talent will it take to have a winning season? Impossible talent.

He has failed this season as a coach and needs to make changes instead of simply talking about changes to come. The first step will be in getting rid of Arians. His next step should be in getting the team’s confidence back- in him and themselves.

He has also failed in "unleashing hell". Just more empty words with no substance.

Tomlin: swallow your pride and do what needs to be done!