Browns defense comes up big as they knock off Super Bowl Champs!

robert meyerContributor IDecember 11, 2009

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The Browns (1-11) came into this game playing pretty well in their last few games despite losing them all; they only lost by 7 to the Chargers, 9 to the Bengals and only lost by 1 pt to the Lions. Quinn has been on fire lately; he has thrown for 675yds, 7Tds, and 0 Ints in his last 3 games. The Steelers (6-6) come into this game desperate of a win. They have lost their last 4 games, including a loss to the Raiders and the Chiefs. With a win the Steelers stay in the hunt for the playoffs, but with a loss they fall into a deep hole and most likely won't be able to make the playoffs.

1st Quarter: The Browns defense came into this game fired up; they started out the game great by sacking Big Ben twice on their first two possessions and forcing the Steelers to go 3 & out both possessions. Josh Cribbs would fire up the Browns on special teams by taking the punt and returning it for a 47yd punt return all the way to the Steelers 9 yd line. The Browns wouldn't be able to get into the end zone, but were able to put 3 pts on the board. Big Ben would try to get the Steelers a successful drive, but wasn't able to do so; late in the 1st quarter, Big Ben was making some big throws and key plays for his offense.

2nd Quarter: The Steelers drive extended into the 2nd Quarter. Big Ben got the Steelers into Cleveland territory, but on a 3rd down the Browns sacked Big Ben again for the 3rd time in the game. Later in the Quarter, Quinn led the Browns down the field with some big throws, but none were bigger than his 37yd pass completion to Mohammad Massaquoi that would get the Browns into field goal range. The Browns would add another 3 pts to their lead. The Browns would stop the Steelers from driving the ball down the field by sacking Roethlisberger twice on the drive and forcing the Steelers to punt the ball away again. Josh Cribbs gave the Browns more energy on their next drive; Cribbs got the Browns into deep Pittsburgh territory when he ran the ball for a 37yd run. Chris Jennings would finish the drive by running the ball into the end zone on a 10 yd TD run to give the Browns a 13-0 lead! Big Ben would guide the Steelers down the field and get them into field goal range. Jeff Reed would then kick the field goal to get the Steelers on the scoreboard.

3rd Quarter: This quarter was mostly defense; the Browns forced the Steelers to punt multiple times and sacked Big Ben two more times. The Steelers forced the Browns to punt by stopping the run very well and covering receivers very well. The Steelers however, were able to get a late field goal towards the end of the quarter.

4th Quarter: The Browns were able to continue to play tough D; Big Ben was trying to guide the Steelers down the field for a game-tying drive. He was very successful for the most part by making some key throws including a 11yd pass to Heath Miller and a 6yd pass to Hines Ward on a 3rd down conversion. The Browns defense tightened up once the Steelers got into Cleveland territory. They sacked Big Ben once more to get them into a 3rd and long and they stopped them on 3rd and 4th down and in result the Steelers turned the ball over on downs. The Browns would win the game and defeat the Super Bowl Champs. They ended a 12 game losing streak to the Steelers. Josh Cribbs had a great game by gaining 202 total yds. (104 return yds, 9 receiving yds and 87 rush yds). The Browns defense played great; they held the Steelers to 6 pts, sacked Big Ben 8 times and held them under 220 yds.