Al Davis: An Icon in Need of Change

Marcel stickum37Contributor IDecember 8, 2009

17 Aug 1994:  President and general manager Al Davis of the Los Angeles Raiders watches his team during a workout during training camp in El Segundo, California.  Mandatory Credit: Gary Newkirk/ALLSPORT
Gary Newkirk/Getty Images

The idea of following Al Davis with blind allegiance will forever baffle me.


Is Mr. Davis a football ICON? Definitely, but all icons must fall.


This past week was a great game and win for Al Davis, the Raiders and one I could enjoy as a fan. One game does not blind me to the losing seasons, or should I say 10+ loss seasons, I have witnessed first hand with my season ticket.


I want this team to win as do all Raider fans, but change is needed at the top to bring back consistent winning.


I as well as many other Raider fans do not believe Mr. Davis, in his elder years, has what is needed to bring this team back by himself.


All that is being asked is for Mr. Davis to bring in a GM, a real football GM. Someone Al respects and listens to as well as they do the same. A leader with the football mind, and energy of a young Mr. Davis to bring back and continue the winning ways the fans and members of the Raider organization are accustomed to.


You may ask whats the credential most needed is? To me it is the belief in the virtue of winning the same thing Mr. Davis himself put in to place many great years ago.


The days of the perceived puppet staff following Al's every direction without a mutter of why, needs to end. The last good Raider team was not just Al Davis it was Bruce Allen, Jon Gruden, Rich Gannon, Tim Brown a host of other great Raider players and staff which even included Bill Callaghan.


It was an organization that Mr. Davis gave structure to and insight without the control of a czar. It may not have been pure Al Davis style of Raider football, but isn't the Davis motto "Just Win Baby." Winning football is what was played, and baring a trade of a coach there would be at least one extra championship banner in Oakland I believe.


A lot in the Raider Nation have seen or heard of the billboard purchased by If not it reads, "Mr. Davis, Do The Right Thing Hire a GM."


I, though perplexed as many Raider fans are, I fully support this effort to bring forth change. Yes, ask for change from the biggest Raider Icon ever; Al Davis himself. This is why now until the hiring of a real GM, I will support as I hope others of you do as well.


Now I do not care which qualified GM Mr. Davis brings in as long as he/she/they are just that qualified. It can be someone like a Bruce Allen, Ron Wolf, another proven NFL GM or even a young forward thinking intelligent Maverick much like a young Mr. Davis.


It needs to be a leader forth-most and someone whom can express their own decision to Mr. Davis as needed. Even when the football decision is not mutually agreed, and a common sense open discussion is needed to move forward on that decision.


A great organization has fallen because of the poor excuse of a Raider Front Office fueled by followers not leaders, but as every champion it is time to get back up. Al Davis alone can not do this. It will not be a great draft pick or free agent pick up to bring in a winning change, but a great hire. I am and have been ready for another leader; someone like the fresh faced 33 year old Mr. Davis which came in the door back in 1963!