Redskins Youth Report (Post-Saints)

Mark ButerbaughSenior Analyst IDecember 8, 2009

The Youth Report is a weekly content article that evaluates the play and performance of the Redskins rookies and sophomores, with trends of players going up, down, or simply staying neutral, and a few little bits of personal/opinion/comment.  You may not always agree with our assessment of players, so feel free to comment right here on the Blog.

The Rookie Report

CB Kevin Barnes:   Barnes had a so-so day.  He made a nice hit and played well at times in secondary coverage.  But, Barnes also put himself out of place on a punt return, getting his by the ball, allowing the Saints to recover and take possession.  Rookie mistake.  I am willing to forgive and forget.  Barnes has shown flashes this season, particularly the last two weeks, that he could play a significant role int he Redskins secondary next year.  That’s the only positive thing about injuries, getting a chance to evaluate the younger players.  Barnes stays NEUTRAL.

Stats:  Tackles: 1  Assts:  0  Sacks: 0  FF: 0   FR: 0   PD: 0
Season:  Tackles: 2  Assts:  0,  Sacks: 0  FF: 0   FR: 0   PD: 0

OL Paul Fanaika:    Fanaika was inactive for the game.  He stays NEUTRAL.

LB Robert Henson: Henson was active for the game mostly because of injuries to guys like Clinton Portis and DeAngelo Hall being inactive.  Don’t recall really seeing Henson much, if at all.  Henson stays NEUTRAL.

S Lendy Holmes:  Holmes was active and part of the Redskins special teams.  Stays NEUTRAL.

DE Jeremy Jarmon: Jarmon was placed on the season ending injured reserve.   With his landing on the IR, we give NO RATING.

Stats:  Tackles: 1  Assts:  1  Sacks: 0  FF: 0   FR: 0   PD: 1
Season:  Tackles: 6  Assists:  2,  Sacks: 0  FF: 1   FR: 0   PD: 1  Tck/Loss:  0

WR Marko Mitchell:   Not only did the Redskins decide to put Mitchell on the field, but Mitchell caught a pass as well.    Mitchell caught 1 pass for 6 yards.  I don’t believe Mitchell has an incomplete pass this season.  With Devin Thomas heating up, I would love to see the Redskins try and wrap Mitchell more into the passing game for evaluation purposes the final 4 games.  Mitchell stays NEUTRAL.

STATS:   Receptions:  1,  Yards:  6, Avg:  6.0,  TDs:  0
Season:   Receptions:  3,  Yards:  28, Avg:  9.3,  TDs:  0

arrow red upLB/DE Brian Orakpo: Brian Orakpo continues progressing and learning each game.  He is the only pas rush DE that was drafted in 2009 to have an effective season, racking up 7 sacks, while converting to strong side linebacker./  Hopefully, whoever the new coaches are, the linebacker experience ends and Orakpo becomes a premier pass rusher, like he is capable of being.   Orakpo recorded 3 tackles, 1 for loss of yards.  Orakpo did not have a sack, which is not easy against New Orleans, but did apply some pressure to Drew Brees.  Orakpo stays UP. [Read more →]

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