Terrell WhiteCorrespondent IDecember 8, 2009

OAKLAND, CA - SEPTEMBER 27:  Oakland Raiders fans cheer for their team before their game against the Denver Broncos at the Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum on September 27, 2009 in Oakland, California.  (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)
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Holla at me RAIDER NATION!

I don't know how many people are going to read this article but, I'm going to write it anyway! I'm not a reporter, or a writer, or anything close to that; What I am however, is a TRUE Lover of EVERYTHING Raider related!!

Some of you people need to take a good long look in the mirror and ask yourself a question.... Why am I a "fan" of The Raiders?

Maybe, after closer observation you'll realize that your not really a "fan" you just "thought" you were; Maybe your just a "follower"? Or, maybe you just like the color black? Or have a thing for eye patches, I don't know and quite frankly I don't care!!

I love to watch the team play a road game after a home win; BUT, I really love reading what people have to say about the team after they win a game coming off of a loss.

It's at this time that you get a chance to read some topics these so called "raider fans" love to write about. Moreover, you get to see what topics they do what they can to avoid writing about; Take a look at what I mean.


I was looking for some of those "Bruce is our hero" articles after that Dallas game but for some strange reason I couldn't find one (I wonder why that was... nick?)

You guys have NO CLUE!! THIS IS THE RAIDERS PEOPLE!!! - and what you guys, who don't know anything before Gruden and Gannon need to remember is that they didn't bring any REAL glory to this team!!

Listen up!! REAL Raider fans don't want to see another Rich Gannon!!! I don't even want to type his name!! Why is this the guy you people keep calling for? Does he have a ring I don't know about? He was an O.K. quarterback! but as I said: THIS IS THE RAIDERS PEOPLE!!! and quite frankly O.K. is not good enough. The Raiders have been and will always look to be about GREATNESS!! That has always been Al's focus!! and there is NO GREATNESS in Bruce Gradkowski. I'm not signing any papers on JaMarcus so don't read between the lines because there are none. I'm telling you straight up: Bruce Gradkowski is no Superbowl winning Q.B. and that's something Al is looking for: A guy who can not just get to the chip but a guy with the tools that can win it!

Al Davis (who happens to be next on my list) runs this team. NOTHING is going to change this FACT. No sign, No papers, No law, NOTHING. Al Knew exaclty what he wanted when he drafted JaMarcus. Now I'm not saying that he's gotten what he wanted but I'm also not saying that he won't get what he wants. REAL Raider fans understand Al would NEVER look to have his FIRST PICK be considered as a "bust".

Al Has always been ahead of his time! ALWAYS! He was THE FIRST in the "modern era" to have a black man as head coach. HE was THE FIRST to have a latino head coach lead a team to the chip. Furthermore, he has THE HIGHEST ranking female in his front office. So, why wouldn't he look draft a black man as his Q.B. and have him be THE FIRST (since Doug Williams) to lead a team to the Superbowl?

We know the names Cunningham, Cordell, Dante, Vick, McNair, McNabb ect, ect; All great black Q.B.'s, only thing missing is some jewelry. Support for JaMarcus comes because he's a freak of nature, he's a Raider (which at this moment means he's on the team) and Moreover, because there's a large group of individuals who are all hoping for the same thing; For JaMarcus to be the next black man to lead a team to a Superbowl Championship. I believe Al is and will continue to give JaMarcus every chance to be that next great black Q.B. because that is they type of MAN that AL DAVIS is.


Speaking of Al, it's really easy to find a "We hate Al" Article after a loss so, today I was looking for some "We Love Al" articles and guess what? I found one! Therefore, we must pay our respect to: BIG AL FAN!!! - Who unlike some of you so called "fans" KNOWS, UNDERSTANDS, and APPRECIATES that Al Davis is the well from which Raider life flows.

You "fans" sure can talk about Al's draft picks when they play poor but let them have a good game and you forget THAT AL DRAFTED THEM IN THE FIRST PLACE DUMMY!!!

How can he be sooo out of touch if you guys are drooling all over his picks? and the TEAM THAT HE PUT TOGETHER?!? You're FAKE and you have NO CLUE!! who should get credit for THE RAIDERS!!! or who should take blame and when! My advice to you guys is to LEARN your RAIDER history. Go back and look at what ALL Raider Championship teams have in common. I'll give you a clue: It's not the Q.B. it's not the G.M. and it's not the Coach.


Speaking of the Coach, let's talk Tom Cable; Once again you guys have got it all wrong! Tom Cable has been doing a good job as head coach! You so called "fans" want to talk about his play calling in a loss but nobody has anything to say about his play calling in a win!! You talk about how a back up QB is saving his job? Saving his job? You people are clueless if anything TOM CABLE IS SAVING TOM CABLE!!! Give this man the credit he deserves!! Not only has he handled all that comes with working for Al, He has handled the media trying to burn him with that 20 year old wife attack charge, and that assistant coach situation. He's had to deal with Q.B. issues, The Offense putting up no points and The Defense making no stops but through it all he has not lost the team!! Win, Lose, or Draw the team plays hard for Cable!! When are you people going to stop calling for him to get fired? JOHN MADDEN IS NOT GOING TO COME BACK AND COACH SO TURN OFF THE X-BOX!!!


we're not worried about winning the division, we don't care about going through the season without a loss, or having the highest scoring offense, or the defense that gave up the fewest points. This team has always looked for GREATNESS and that comes from winning Championships! So, I say to you: stop settling for average!! Average wins!! (like beating the Bengals) Average players (Bruce Gradkowski) or find another team.

nothing matters unless your team is capable of winning the superbowl!!! You think Al cares if The Raiders are only able to win some games? or are able to have a winning season!?! or is he looking for this team to get another ring or two or three?  so "fans" deal with the situation or go cheer for the Cards!! because I don't want to just win games! I want to have a team that can win THE SUPERBOWL and those two things are not always the same!! REAL RAIDER FANS are not worried about having a team that can win some games!!! We want a team that can win THE CHIP!!!

Now, If you've got something to say about that I'm all ears!!

Terrell White

RAIDER from birth!