Should the Seattle Seahawks Have a Defensive Tackle on the Dockett?

Andy AugerContributor IDecember 7, 2009

Albert Haynesworth.

Those are the two words on the mind of Arizona defensive tackle Darnell Dockett as he gears towards his first monster paycheck on the free agent market.

The reference is of course to the $100 million dollar contract with a whopping $41 million in guarantees that Haynesworth locked up from Dan Synder and the always-willing-to-overpay Washington Redskins.

In recent reports from the Arizona Republic , and subsequently the Seattle PI , Dockett, a constant burden to the Seahawks weak offensive line, says he will likely not get the contract he is seeking from the frugal Cardinals and will be looking to move out of Arizona. 

More specifically, Dockett made it clear that he wants to make Arizona pay for it, twice a year, by moving to a team within the NFC West.

" If I have to go and sign with another team, I'm going to go to another team in this division," Dockett said. "I promise you that."

Lets say he follows through on his very straightforward statement. That leaves him with the three S's—San Francisco, Seattle, and St. Louis.

San Francisco runs a 3-4 defense fronted by Issac Sopoaga, Aubrayo Franklin, and Justin Smith. Combined, they have totaled 5.5 sacks, and 94 tackles. Docketts' sack total of seven so far in 2009 eclipses their combined defensive line. At the very least, they would have to kick the tires if he were to become available.

The potential lure for Dockett to the Bay Area would be playing alongside Justin Smith and in front of arguably the best inside linebacker in the game, Patrick Willis. Sopoaga is nothing spectacular and I am sure the idea of having Dockett-Franklin-Smith in the trenches has to be salivating for the 49ers.

Seattle runs a 4-3 defense, something Dockett is better suited for at 285 lbs. The only locked down position on the defensive line appears to be Brandon Mebane. Second year defensive end Lawrence Jackson has cooled off after a hot start and averages a sack every three games.

Veteran defensive end Patrick Kerney has been solid at best and has only produced five sacks and an average of less then two tackles per game. Colin Coles' job title as an essential blocker on the defensive skews his stats overall, but in 12 games he still has yet to produce a sack. 

The trade for Cory Redding was a total bust, just like Redding had been almost his entire career. He averages a tackle per game and a sack every six games. We miss you Julian Peterson!

I would enter St. Louis into the equation but my assumption is that Dockett would not sign with the hapless, pathetic, 1-11 rebuilding Rams

By the end of next season it would not surprise me at all to see the departure of Patrick Kerney from the Seahawks. Even if he ends up playing out his fifth year of the six year contract, the need for an impact lineman is there for Seattle on both sides of the ball. With the richest owner in professional sports, as well as the potential for an uncapped 2011, making a run for Dockett, a consistent cactus for the Seattle offensive lineman, makes perfect sense.

Watching Dockett completely stun the best guard in football, Steve Hutchinson, yesterday, made picturing him in Seahawks blue even better. Yes, he choked our quarterback. Yes it was a dirty move and completely intentional. But as long as he is playing for your team, who cares?

This team has plenty of solid rotational depth, but no true impact players along the defensive line. With one of the best defensive lineman practically declaring he wants to play for Seattle or San Francisco in 2010, he should definitely be on the Seahawks offseason Dockett.