TUF 10 Finale Winners: What's Next?

Sterling SpiarsAnalyst IDecember 7, 2009

As stated in my most recent article , there were a number of complaints about the most recent event that the UFC had to offer. The thing is, the card was televised for free, live on Spike T.V., so what is there to complain about?

The night was filled with established contenders, cerebrum-dazing power shots, and lightning-fast submissions as slick as Colorado roads during a snow storm. All-in-all, with the circumstances given, it was a great card.


Matt Mitrione & Kimbo Slice

Both Matt Mitrione and Kimbo Slice are coming off of impressive victories over Marcus Jones and Houston Alexander, respectively.

Looking over many predictions, there were very few that actually favored Mitrione to take down the monstrous life form known as "Big Baby", and those that thought Mitrione had a chance were saying it was a puncher's chance.

Mitrione delivered with a jaw-shattering right hand that sent Jones crashing down towards the canvas like a skyscraper.

Later on that night in a fight, that many expected to end in a matter of seconds, Kimbo Slice simply out-gunned the much smaller Alexander, likely sending him packing with his walking papers.

It makes the most sense to pit both Mitrione and Slice against each other in their next fight. Both fighters have matching styles and love to swing punches like there's no tomorrow. Plus, they are both fairly inexperienced in the sport of MMA.


Frankie Edgar

Before the fight, some people were saying that Frankie Edgar was in a lose-lose situation.

It was expected that he would win the fight, but the win wouldn't move him any closer to a title shot. If he lost on the other hand, his stock would plummet drastically and all of his hard work was in vain.

After rocking Matt Veach with a powerful right hand, Edgar went in for the finish. However, Veach recovered quickly and refused to give in to the pressure, forcing Edgar to go a different route.

Edgar sunk in the rear-naked choke, earning himself his second finish in as many as nine fights.

The dominating performance should be enough to warrant Edgar the winner of this Saturday's championship bout between B.J. Penn and Diego Sanchez.

He has shown that he can weather a storm from a much stronger fighter, as well as adapt his game plan to earn the victory.

But when all is said and done, a win over Veach is probably going to hurt his chances in his quest for the gold.

If the match-making process over looks Edgar's dominating win over Veach, then they should give him the winner between Kenny Florian and Clay Guida.

There is no doubt that the fight would be a co-main event, plus the winner of this match could easily make the case for the No. 1 contender spot.


Matt Hammill

This is one of the rare occasions where the winner of the fight should probably take a step back in competition.

Matt Hammill was dominated in every aspect of the sport against Jon Jones last Saturday night.

As expected, he was outpointed on the feet by the much better striker, forcing Hammill to go for his bread and butter.

Although, to the surprise of many, his superior wrestling was simply shrugged off, as if it was the 10-year-old Hammill trying to score the take down.

Hammill eventually found himself on his back in a mounted position after another one of Jones' brilliant hip throws. Soon thereafter, Jones was raining down fists, forearms, and elbows; anything to get Steve Mazzagatti to stop the fight.

In a flash of inexperience, Jones landed two 12-to-6 elbows that are considered illegal within the rule book. Mazzagatti stopped the fight to deduct a point from Jones before turning to the stunned Hammill to see if he could continue.

With no response, Mazzagatti was forced to call the fight, and under the rule book, the end result was a disqualification win for Hammill.

Hammill, who suffered a dislocated shoulder during the fight, will likely be out for some time due to his injuries, as well as a medical suspension.

His next fight should be against Luiz Cane sometime next year. Both guys will be out a number of months due to injuries received in their fight.

Additionally, both are coming off of embarrassing losses and are in desperate need of a win to stay relevant in the light-heavyweight division.


Roy Nelson

Before the season even began, many people were already placing Roy Nelson as The Ultimate Fighter Season 10 winner.

He had too much experience, too much power, too much jiu jitsu, and of course, too much belly.

In a season filled with inexperienced and smaller heavyweights, "Big Country" used his size advantage to crucifix his way to the finales, where he met Denver native, Brendan Schaub.

It appeared Nelson was on his way to another lack-luster crucifix victory until Schaub muscled his way back to the feet.

Here, Nelson stalked Schaub relentlessly, until he landed a big over hand right on Schaub's equilibrium, sending him on a date to make out with the canvas.

No surprise here, Nelson was declared the next ultimate fighter of the most over-hyped season to this date.

His next fight should come against another mid-level opponent, possibly against Tim Hague.

Nelson is going to need some work before fighting with the big boys, but Hague wouldn't be an easy task either.

"Big Country"'s huge belly wouldn't be as much of an advantage, which would force him to win the fight with technique, rather than size.


Check out Robert Gardner's article for his take on who the losers should fight next .


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