Is Bruce Gradkowski the Man in Oaktown?

george lopezCorrespondent IDecember 6, 2009

Coming into Pittsburgh who would have thought our Oakland raiders would knock off the former champions, out of the playoff race.  Let’s be honest no one really gave us a chance except for the true raider fans. 

I really can’t be any happier with the play from Bruce Gradkowski and has receiving core, which has really struggled.  They really picked up on offense this week getting fourteen passing first downs, and three rushing first downs.  The raiders were six of thirteen on third down.  Compared to Steelers who were three of nine on third down. 

Ben Roethlisberger played one of the best games I’ve seen him play but somehow the defense only let him score in the fourth quarter.  The defense was topnotch for the first 3 quarters only allowing ten points, but the fourth quarter both defense’s fell apart which allowed a great game. 

It was back and forth back and forth throughout the fourth quarter. The team that ended up with the ball last was going to win, lucky for the raiders they ended up with a ball last.  If you put both quarterbacks side by side their numbers are rather similar, Ben Roethlisberger was a 18/24, 278 yards 


Two touchdowns and one interception, and Bruce Gradkowski was 20/33, 308 yards, and two touchdowns.  Not bad for a guy that was sitting on the bench at the beginning of the season.  But out of all the people that I saw today, the one that impressed me most was the receiver out of Florida Louis Murphy. 


The kid had four catches 128yds, and two touchdowns, this guy looked like the real deal finally he’s playing up to its potential. I'm so happy for the young kid because you can tell that he really wants to be good.  But let’s go back to the game winning drive, Gradkowski got rushed he threw up for grabs and Louis Murphy made a magnificent catch and took it away from the defender robbing him of a interception, and of course he got the game winning td in the back of the endzone. But the main point of my article is to stress the importance of keeping Bruce Gradkowski as starting quarterback of the Oakland raiders throughout 2010 season. 


I just don’t think it Jamarcus Russell has which takes to be starting quarterback in the NFL.  Jamarcus has no pocket or would awareness or accuracy which are the two most important things to have I the NFL.  But both of these things Bruce Gradkowski brings to the table.  I can’t just tell how much better the offense looks when Bruce is out there because they do not look confused everybody is doing there thing and there scoring. That’s the most important thing in the NFL, and I don’t care how much money was spent on Jamarcus Russell. 


But when anybody mentions Bruce Gradkowski as the future 2010 starting quarterback of the Oakland raiders they all say he’s too short, why does it matter because he’s proving that he can still throw accurate balls and throw touchdowns, which is what really matters.  I say the day when Al Davis decides that he made a horrible pick is the day the raiders start winning.  I say the stick with Bruce Gradkowski and get quality offensive and defensive lineman next year.  Gradkowski is two of three as a starter so I say we stick with him get rid of Jamarcus. Let's hope we win out and my prediction is right. 8-8