Can You Be a Raider Fan and Not a Fan Of Mr.Davis ?

raiderdad4everContributor IDecember 5, 2009

17 Aug 1994:  President and general manager Al Davis of the Los Angeles Raiders watches his team during a workout during training camp in El Segundo, California.  Mandatory Credit: Gary Newkirk/ALLSPORT
Gary Newkirk/Getty Images

   With so many negative articles being written and commented on in regards to Mr. Davis and The Raiders it seems to me that some so called Raider fans need to really ask themselves " Can I be a Raider Fan and not a fan of Mr. Davis  " ? When so called Raider fans continue to be so negative against their Raiders and Mr.Davis it reminds me of when the Raiders first left for L.A and so called Raider fans quit rooting for the team and switched to the niners. 

   I was lucky enough to be born in 1961 to bay area parents who attended early Raider games. The Raiders are in my blood.Every sunday we would watch the Raiders during the days of Otto,Upshaw,Shell,Big Ben, Freddy,Willie,the mad bomber and so many other great players and the Hall of Fame coaching of Coach Madden. I still think he would have made Canton on his coaching record.

   So many great wins but some huge disappointments , I learned then during many tough league championship losses to the chiefs,and jets and later divison championships to the steelers,dolphins that you stuck with your team . It was tougher to lose the big game then not play in the big game.Back then the fans were die hards who never doubted the Raiders or Mr.Davis. Sure I remember that the media always wrote that even then Mr. Davis was still calling all the shots and he was the coach and not Madden.

   When Mr. Davis and The Raiders left Oakland for L.A some fans could not and did not root for the Raiders. My Dad was one of these fans. He compared the move to the old saying  " if your woman leaves your bed for another, you never take her back ". He did start liking the niners because he stayed loyal to the bay area. I never felt that way in respects to the Raider move. Still followed them and became more of a die hard by driving to L.A for games. It wasn't tough wearing L.A gear . I loved to hear it from the niner fans and so called Raider fans. My son still hears it today when he reps my old L.A gear. He left today with a L.A Raider hat on.  Dad still feels the same way but He always sticks up for the Raiders and respects what Mr.Davis has meant to the bay area and the NFL.

   The return of Mr.Davis and the Raiders to Oakland has had it's share of ups and downs. The one constant that has remained the same is the Passion and and drive of Mr. Davis to return the Raiders to greatness. How can you be a Raider fan and not a Mr. Davis fan?

   Getting married to a Raider girl who attended games with her Dad and Grandpa only continued to grow my passion for The Raiders. Our children are both Raider fans who know the glory and the bad times of this proud franchise. Some great times have been spent as a family during wins and losses.

   Being a Raider fan since A.M.D ( After Mr. Davis ) has had its ups and downs. The good times still out weigh the bad times. During this current streak of bad times Raider fans need to step up and support the Raiders and Mr. Davis. Can you love the Raiders and hate Mr. Davis and still call yourself a fan?