If You Dont Like Al, Get The Hell Out Of The Nation!

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If You Dont Like Al, Get The Hell Out Of The Nation!
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        The Raiders are easily the most hated team in all of professional sports. The media hates them when they win, and they REALLY  love to hate them when they lose. However, for there to be hatred within the Raider Nation is Unprecedented and should be considered downright treason to us real fans. People speculate that Al meddles too much in his team affairs and that this is the reason the Raiders are in disarray. I beg to differ. I believe it is actually quite the contrary. I believe that Al Davis has ceded FAR too much power to these lazy, incompetent, clueless snakes of coaches with some kind of sick delusional racist fetish to sabotage Jamarcus Russell in the likes of Lame Kiffin, and Tom "cant run or pass the ball so lets use Jamarcus as a scapegoat" Cable.

This is what has really gone un-noticed throughout Cables miserable tenure as the Raiders coach; criticism of Cable himself as a coach! He Sucks. Horribly. Terribly. His constant uptalk of the Raiders future, when we all know the Raiders are talented enough to win now pisses me off. Sure we all know he beat his wife and his asistant coaches, but we also know he CANT beat the lowly Chiefs. (See mysteriously convenient and unnecessary fake field goal against the Chiefs last year) This play would alone would have been grounds for termination if I were Al.

My belief , contrary to ESPN conjecture and local Bay Area trash bags we call "news papers", (that means you SF Gate and InsidetheBay Areas Rat face Ratto) is that all All does is hire, fire, and Draft. All other scheming and strategy is left up to these sorry ass coaches. How is it that Gruden was able to get it done with "Evil Al" lurking about? (Get real) Until one of you idiots can prove to me that it was Al and not fable, I mean Cable who calls a 7 step drop on the goal line agains the Jets, first play from scrimmage with a right talcke who sucks(Khalif barnes) and Calvin pace salivating at the mouth for an eventual fumble in .00002 seconds after the snap, then all of my anger and frustration goes to that bum you call a professional coach Tom Cable. His excuse for that play was "Jamarcus didnt check down in time." Mine was "Tom Cable sucks ass" I could go on for days.

Next article I will defend Al's Draft choices and acquisitions, and why Mario Henderson, Nnamdi Asomugha, Chris Johnson, Janikowski, Shane Lechler and the now seemingly EXCELLENT pick of the emergent Michael Huff and Tyvon "im gonna tackle you" Branch should make the pro bowl. Thomas Howard honorable mention. Seymour. C'mon.

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