Dear Negative Texans Fans: Don't Get Your Panties in a Wad

Trey HuguleyContributor IDecember 3, 2009

HOUSTON - NOVEMBER 23:  A fan of Houston Texans holds up a sign which reads 'This 'Aint Vince's House' in reference to quarterback Vince Young #10 of the Tennessee Titans at Reliant Stadium on November 23, 2009 in Houston, Texas.  (Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images)
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After 11 weeks of the 2009 season,  losing 3 games in a row to be at a whopping 5-6 and listening to countless negative comments from so called "fans" of the Texans, I have a few words for the vast majority of Texans followers who have suddenly put on their angry hats and gone into "hate mode."

Quit your bitchin' and slow your roll! It's not the end of the world just yet.

First of all, there is still the outside chance that the Texans could somehow make the playoffs. Yes, it would take a lot of help from other teams and they'd more than likely have to win the last 5 games of the season, but it is indeed possible. That being said,  it's not probable with the way they have been playing as of late. 

One thing is for sure though. The Houston Texans have a heck of a lot of talent, but the problem lies in the fact that they just don't know how to close the deal. Sadly other than the Jets debacle, they've had the lead or been tied at halftime of each of their other 10 games this year. In those games they've come out a mediocre 5-5. Granted 3 of the games could have had a different outcome without a goal-line fumble or a missed field goal, but that's just not the way the cookies crumbled. 

So now we're staring at 5-6 and many fans are screaming for either Gary Kubiak or Matt Schaub to lose their jobs. These fans are absolutely ridiculous, absurd, irrational and unpleasant. I understand being tired of watching a team lose for 8 years. I understand that it's frustrating to spend $40, $70 or $150 on a ticket only to see your boys get blasted by the New York Jets. I also understand it hurts deep down inside to watch your team have the chance to win game after game only to find a way to blow it in the end, but it's not time to jump ship just yet. These are the things that we have to deal with with a rebuilding and growing team. 

Face it the team is exactly where everyone expected them to be at the beginning of the season. Expectations were for a winning season, but no one thought they'd make the playoffs for sure. Guess what...we're staring a 9-7 winning season in the face.

Why Firing Kubiak Would Be A Huge Mistake

Remember the early rebuilding years when there was never a chance to even imagine getting to the playoffs? Do you really want to go through that again? If you switch coaches, you'll switch schemes and players and you will be destined for a couple of terrible "adjustment" seasons again. The offense is very explosive and one of the best parts of the team. Kubiak is an offensive genius and this productive offense should show that. 

In my opinion, we could use a change on defense however. Finding a defensive coordinator who can actually make adjustments at halftime to stop opposing offenses might help the Texans have a better chance closing out games. You just can't do that with a guy like Frank Bush. Kubiak really doesn't have much of a say in how the defense is run, so having a strong, smart defensive coordinator to compliment his offensive prowess would be much better than giving up on Kubiak.

Kubiak should get next season before possibly facing a chopping block.

Why the Schaub Haters Should Shut Their Traps

I hear it constantly. "Schaub's not good enough. He's not a good Quarterback. etc" What are you people smoking? And what the hell do you expect? He's just behind Tom Brady and Peyton Manning in terms of production this season and I have a wake up call for you: YOU'LL NEVER GET ANOTHER TOM BRADY OR PEYTON MANNING IN THIS LIFETIME! So who would you rather have than Schaub? 

Getting someone through the draft is not an option unless you want to spend those rebuilding years again. Perhaps getting someone in a late round and having them spend 3 years learning from Schaub would be an idea, but nothing that would solve any immediate problems. 

I'd rather have Schaub than nearly every other starting Quarterback with the exception of Manning, Brady and Drew Brees. Even with Brees, I think we may be better off with Schaub. Sure it would be exciting to bring Vince Young back to Houston, but he would FAIL in this scheme. Having Young here would require a complete new scheme developed which would result in guess what: A REBUILDING YEAR!

Matt Schaub has all the tools to get us to the Super Bowl. He just needs to get some more experience.

It All Comes Down To Experience

Needing experience really goes across the board for the entire Texans squad and coaches in being the main reason for their inability to close out games. They are the 2nd youngest team by average age in the NFL even including 41 year old Matt Turk. They are not used to being in winning situations and are having to learn how to play in that situation.

No team has ever gone from being terrible to being an immediate Super Bowl contender. They have always needed to gain experience in playing to win. As a fan, do what you are supposed to do: Support the team and quit being irrational with unreal expectations. Give the Texans some time and they'll show you the results you want to see. They may not make the playoffs this year, but if the team stays in tact...there is no doubt you'll see one in 2010!