Get Your Last Look: Goodbye Kubiak

Aaron BachContributor IDecember 2, 2009

HOUSTON - NOVEMBER 29:  Head coach Gary Kubiak of the Houston Texans checks the scoreboard at Reliant Stadium during their game against the Indianapolis Colts on November 29, 2009 in Houston, Texas.  (Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images)
Bob Levey/Getty Images

It needs to end and it needs to end now. The National Football League is a win-now league, and all that matters is the bottom line. Gary Kubiak has failed miserably with the talent he has on his team. He may only have one proven wide receiver and his pro-bowl tight end Owen Daniels went down with season-ending ACL surgery. He has Andre Johnson, arguably one of the best, if not THE best, wide receivers in the game, Steve Slaton, who racked up over 1,000 yards in his rookie season, and Matt Schaub, who is third in the NFL in passing yards, with 3,242, behind only Peyton Manning and Tom Brady. Schaub even has more yards than the Saints' Drew Brees. What Schaub, and head coach Gary Kubiak don't have, and that the Saints Drew Brees does, are wins. The Texans have exactly ONE win against their own division. But I digress, and for that lone win, against the surging Titans, Gary Kubiak needs to go. A coach that can win only one game in his division needs to simply not be coaching. Take last week for example, when the Texans had the Colts at home, and on the ropes, actually passed the ropes, the Colts were down for the count and somehow wobbled to their feet. The Texans were completely dominating both lines, pushing the Colts' defensive line back with ease, and getting the best of the Colts' offensive line, sacking Peyton Manning a couple times. But as the story goes in Houston, the Texans could not finish. They seemingly abandoned the running game, where big back Chris Brown was punishing the Colts, running all over their defense. At this point, the passing game was only truly necessary when there was a third down or just to keep the defense honest. Let's fast forward to the second half. The script flips, and now the Texans are throwing the ball around the field, but not even close to the effectiveness as their run game was. They seem to be pass-happy, which leads to an interception thrown by Schaub that so happens to go for a Colts touchdown. On the next possession, the Texans show no signs of trying to go back to the run. As a matter of fact, they go with the pass some more and the Matt Schaub fumbles. That turnover leads to a Peyton Manning Pass to Dallas Clark for another touchdown. A 17 point lead was gone in a flash. What were the coaches thinking during the third quarter? Do they even realize their egregious play calling errors? My guess is no, because at some point, they should have noticed that the passing game was not working at all. So providing that Kubiak is indeed fired, who will step into the void and take his place? My first choice would be now CBS analyst and ex-Steelers coach Bill Cowher. Cowher could do something that Kubiak could not: get his players to play with some passion and intensity. The second choice for the team would be Jon Gruden, who I wonder why he was fired from Tampa Bay for Raheem Morris in the first place. Either Cowher or Gruden would be a better fit than the offensive-minded Kubiak. One thing is known for sure: that Gary Kubiak needs to go, because he hasn't gotten the full potential out of his players and he just simple hasn't gotten the results, either.