Horned Frog Poisons Gary Patterson: TCU Coach Supports BCS System

WesAnalyst IDecember 2, 2009

Apparently horned frogs are poisonous and make you delusional.

This is the only way someone can justify TCU head coach Gary Patterson's support of the current bowl system.

"Is it easier to win one game for a championship? Or to have to win four?" Patterson asked. "If you have a playoff, you practice and get on a plane and play. And if you lose, it's over. If you go to a bowl game, you're there seven days, and the kids can enjoy a place and get rewarded."

Gary, what the hell are you talking about here? You have got to be kidding me with this statement.

Do you really think it will ever take one win for TCU to claim a national championship in the current bowl system?

No. It will take 13 wins.

Here is the real question: "Is it easier to lose one or two games in the regular season and then win four games in a row in a playoff? Or is easier to go 12-0 in the regular season, earn respect from a handful of polls, count on other teams losing, and then win the 13th game of the season to win a national championship?"

If you don't want to face the arduous task of playing too many games in season because of the playoff scenario, then eliminate two or three regular season games.

Actually, you can see it all for yourself right here: Dear BCS System: You Suck.

And who said anything about planes?

Why can't teams earn home field advantage? Suppose TCU earned a No. 4 seed.

Your squad would have two guaranteed home games.

Unless you have the world’s worst way to arrive at your home games, I am sure a boarding pass is not required.

Imagine if you were home, and you got to host Ohio State this year. Imagine what that would do for your program, win or lose.

Oh, and sorry about the "win-or-go-home" mentality. I didn't know the aspect of pressure would be such a daunting task.

I guess you like to fly under the radar and then pounce on the one opportunity that is handed to you. Actually, that opportunity probably won’t come your way.

And I love the comment about the kids getting to enjoy seven days and be rewarded.

Sorry, Coach Patterson, I didn't realize when kids were grinding it out in spring practice and two-a-days that they expected to be handsomely rewarded with a vacation at the end of the season.

Cut me and every college football fan a break. Hell, every true sports fan has gone to bat for your squad and asked for a playoff to be instituted.

We asked for it because it makes sense, and it ultimately benefits your program and every other non-BCS school.

But, no. You brush aside fan support in your arrogance, and you want to do this thing alone.


I will support the BCS system and watch your team struggle to get invited to the prestigious bowl games.

Not only that, Coach Patterson, but you can kiss any chance of winning a national championship goodbye.

I'm not saying you can't beat the big boys in a national championship game, but the current system won't even give you the opportunity to try.

I would love to hear how you plan on winning a national championship if you can't get yourself involved in the game.

And, if you really want your kids to be rewarded, then let them play football. Give them a shot to prove their worth on the field.

Damn it. I forgot you liked the current system.

Instead of your players determining who gets to play in the national championship game this year, you would rather let a bunch of kids who play for Nebraska and Texas determine who gets to face the winner of Florida-Alabama.

That makes sense to me.

After Texas wins, you get to tell the kids they get to go play Georgia Tech in the Orange Bowl.

Wow. Talk about a statement game for your program.

You have the opportunity to knock off a two-loss team that plays in arguably the worst BCS conference.

And, if you are fortunate enough to take down a team like Georgia Tech, remind your kids to hold up two fingers at the end of the game because they can't say they are No.1.


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