Dear BCS System: You Suck

WesAnalyst INovember 22, 2009

FORT WORTH, TX - NOVEMBER 14: Ryan Christian #18 of the TCU Horned Frogs celebrates his teams 55-28 victory over the Utah Utes at Amon G. Carter Stadium on November 14, 2009 in Fort Worth, Texas. (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)
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In two weeks Boise State and TCU will likely end their regular seasons exactly the same: Undefeated and left with no chance to win the national championship.

There are those who say neither team deserves the opportunity.

It is safe to assume those people are scared, illogical and fans of figure skating.

Clearly the best way to determine a champion is through a panel of judges, voters and computer-generated polls.

Well if that is the case then I would love to know why Division I football is the only NCAA sport not determined by a playoff.

Every sport run by the NCAA ends with various teams from around the country competing against one another to determine a champion. And the best part about the process is no one sits back and says, "We got robbed. A computer should have picked the winner." 

The nation's best bowling team is determined at the lanes. The best swimming team settles the score in the pool. The best rifle team is crowned at the range.

Yes people. Rifle has a national championship. It does not sound scary that students are shooting guns. It is scary college football is that far behind the eight-ball.

At least the other 32 sports acknowledged by the NCAA earn a championship.

Back on June 24 LSU defeated Texas 11-4 in Game Three of the College World Series. When the game ended everyone who follows college baseball tipped their hat and acknowledged the Bayou Bengals were the best in the nation.

Too bad the same can't be said following the completion of the fabricated event known as the National Championship Game on January 7.

Regardless of which teams play in the game or who wins most fans will debate who the National Champion really is. Instead of celebrating the success of a team we are likely to remember how certain teams were denied the opportunity to prove their worth.

It's a shame that greed got the best of individuals that call themselves presidents at America's highest institutions of education.

Instead of whining and complaining it is time to establish a system that will produce a true national champion.

Those who despise the current BCS system want to see a playoff. The problem lies in how many teams do you include. Some will suggest the "Plus One System," while others think emulating college basketball's "Field of 64" is the way to go.

The "Plus One" System could go up in flames this year because there could be as many as five undefeated teams (Florida/Alabama, Texas, Cincinnati, TCU and Boise State).

A "Field of 64" would completely destroy the athlete's bodies.

The best solution possible is setting a field of 16 teams.

There are those who will quickly point out that the two teams who play in the National Championship will be playing four extra games.

To compensate for that I would propose that teams are forbidden to play non-conference games.

Calm down. Deep breath.

I know Florida State and Florida fans are going to be bent out of shape.

And those who love current installments of Ohio State and USC will be in an uproar.

But remember this is for the good of the game. Do you want great non-conference games in the regular season or do you want epic non-conference battles during the inaugural college football playoff?

Conference games will take on even more meaning because the 11 conference champions will earn an automatic bid to the post season.

This means Army, Navy and Notre Dame must join a conference. Sorry Irish fans, but no one is bigger than the NCAA. Well maybe Charlie Weiss literally is, but he won't be there much longer.

To take it one step further each conference will play a conference championship game between the top two teams. All ties will be broken by the respective conferences.

The regular season champion will host the conference championship game. This feature maintains the importance and drama of the regular season.

The automatic bid gives every team in the country an opportunity to win a national championship in football.

Imagine if the Temple Owls win the MAC this year and are given the opportunity to play Ohio State. The Owls would probably get blown out, but I can assure you Al Golden would embrace the opportunity to play the Buckeyes.

Five at-large teams would be selected to complete the sweet 16 following the conference championship games.

The first three rounds of the tournament would not be broken down by regions and would not be played on a neutral field. The highest seed (No.1 seed is the highest and No.16 is lowest) would host each game.

Can you imagine if TCU was given the opportunity to host three playoff games? And what if a program like USC had to come into town? I don’t anything about the campus at TCU, but it is safe to say it would bedlam there.

The possibilities are endless. The exposure some of these schools will receive is better than any non-conference schedule they previously played.

The remaining two teams would meet at a neutral field to determine the first National Champion. And when the game ends fans can debate about the play calling, the referees or anything else they want. But they will not be able to debate the national champion.


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