Fantasy Depth Chart's Week 13 Thursday Night Sits & Starts

FantasyDCCorrespondent IDecember 2, 2009

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Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. Its been a very rough and hectic last two weeks for me. Most of my readers don’t know that I work two jobs but am also driving over two hours each week for one final class towards my degree in electrical engineering (stage walking is the 17). I’ve spent the last two years getting tons of word/”real life”/professional experience and it has pushed back my graduation long enough. This week, my entire scholastic experience comes to an end. I’ve decided everyone should drink to that!

This is a special edition of my Sit/Start reserved solely for Thursday night’s game. Sometimes the added pressure of making an early week decision compounds the effects of basic fantasy logic (of which no such thing really exists lol). So lets take a team by team look at some of the names playing.

Buffalo Bills

Ryan Fitzpatrick QB

I think when fantasy analyst looked at the Bills during the offseason they envisioned the Bills we have seen in the last two weeks. Most of the reason for the sudden production is firmly placed on Fitzpatrick finally getting the ball downfield for the Bills and utilizing their exceptional talent at WR. Fitzpatrick is a player to stash moving forward if your QB looks like he might be waiting on the bench for the playoffs within the next couple of weeks (Manning, Brees and Favre). Future potential aside, Fitzpatrick faces a tough matchup and should only see a spot start status in 2QB leagues.


Marshawn Lynch RB

Ladies and gentlemen, I present you another example of another player who thought he was the ****, had a poor offseason and is now getting outplayed by an inferior but more hungry pier. I’m not sold on Fred Jackson’s status as fulltime RB so hold onto Lynch. But understand that he is bench/handcuff material right now. Not worth a flex spot as of now moving forward.


Fred Jackson RB

This guy is playing his heart out and has earned must start status in PPR leagues. The guy is on a tear with help from TO and Lee Evans. This week he faces a tough matchup but can be counted on for RB2 type numbers.


Terrell Owens WR

Everyone knows Darrelle Revis. TO knows Revis (three receptions, 11 yards in week six). But this is a much changed offense? I don’t think it will matter. TO will almost certainly draw Revis on every play and will need to beat him deep to be productive this week. Start as a WR3 with serious risks.


Lee Evans WR

If every Evans wanted to be reminded why he was excited about the TO signing, this weeks is another reminder. Evans dodges Revis for the second time this season and will likely be the leading receiver in this game. A projection of plus-70 yards and a TD are not unreasonable. Start as a WR3 with upside.


Josh Reed WR

Despite having a career year last year, the aging (nearing 30 already) vet has been inconsistent at best. Even in extremely deep leagues, he is a risky start this Thursday night.


Shawn Nelson TE

Nelson is not a productive TE and should not be started in any leagues under almost any circumstances. However, his greatest yardage production to date was against the Jets. Nelson is a great receiving threat then he is given credit for but he has been overlooked and rotated out a lot. In each of his last two games, he has had a single catch of over 20 yards.


New York Jets

Mark Sanchez QB

Knee 100 percent? Knee not 100 percent? It doesn’t really matter. The former USC QB has come under hard times and is already feeling the New York heat for his poor play. Rex Ryan would be good to keep him off the field if he isn’t capable of playing his best (which is arguably not very good right not). Either way, Sanchez has shown once again why you don’t draft rookie QBs. Keep him on your bench.


Thomas Jones RB

The guy is playing amazing. How old is he again? Looking 31? Damn. So much for the 30 curse affecting every RB in the NFL. Start Jones everywhere.


Shonn Greene RB

Remember that week were Greene was the man to own? Yeah, I’ve kinda forgotten too. Keeper league owners still can smile. Everyone else is left with bench material for the rest of the season. Drop if another need arises.


Braylon Edwards WR

Remember when Edwards was playing like a man possessed? Ahh better days for the New York Jets. With highs of four and five receptions since joining the Jets, Edwards is hardly PPR gold. Edwards is still capable of making a big game out of nothing with deep passes but the Clemens/Sanchez duo is not to be trusted.


Jerricho Cotchery WR

Cotchery is having one of the worst seasons of his short career. His TD count has kept him at borderline WR3 levels, but he should not be counted on to score this Thursday night. Keep him on your bench unless your in a deeper league.

David Clowney WR: Pretty much worthless. If he is on your roster you likely haven’t checked your team in awhile.


Dustin Keller TE

Keller is a boom or bust play dependent on the big play (sound familiar yet?). Keller is unlikely to see too many deep options this week as the gameplan will likely call for Thomas Jones to relieve whichever Jets QB gets the start.