Twitter: J.R. Giddens Tarnishing a Reputation That's Already Smeared

Kyle SchnitzerContributor IDecember 1, 2009

The world of technology is great. With all the treats we are given, most of us appreciate them. We realize that everything is available to the public. Such technological advances include Facebook, Myspace, and Twitter.


However with all of these gifts, some find a way to tarnish themselves. Whether it be posting a picture of your new back tattoo (Exhales: Michael Beasley) or tweeting during a game (Charlieee).


You can add another embarrassing moment for second-year player J.R. Giddens, currently a backup forward for the Boston Celtics.


The Celtics started the night on a four game win streak. They defeated the Charlotte Bobcats with a 108-90 victory. Led by Guard Ray Allen, who delivered a 27-point performance; accompanied by the typical double-double by Center Kendrick Perkins, who scored 21 points with 12 rebounds.


The win streak comes at a great time as the Celtics travel to the West Coast to face the San Antonio Spurs, who stand in seventh in the Western Conference with a 9-6 record.


They then travel to Oklahoma City to face a young and hungry Thunder squad. It seems that the Celtics have everything going their way. They are spotless. Wrong.


After tonight's victory, Guard J.R. Giddens made an immature post on Twitter; stating, “just got another big road win... 2 down 2 to go.. san ant here we cum...” Cum? You mean come, right? Two problems I have with the post, Giddens had 65 characters left in his tweet. He could have easily added maybe an inspirational message to all his fans, but that followed his tweet.


It's not the first time that Mr. Giddens has been in the spotlight for poor judgment. During his High School years at John Marshall High School, he was arrested in 2002 and charged with “felony counts of conspiracy to commit grand larceny.”


In 2005, when he was still playing for the Kansas Jayhawks, he was the victim of a stabbing to his right calf, where he received 30 stitches to heal the pain. Giddens was later charged with misdemeanor battery as well as disorderly conduct.


The second problem I have is how athletes abuse the power of social networks. Sure, it's great to see an athlete active with the public.


However when one acts in such a way, you tarnish your character as well as the organization you play for.


Maybe I'm overreacting, but when you have 343 followers on Twitter, you don't think one follower wouldn't realize that? Come on J.R, you're better than this.


Through my perspective, athletes should use their nice big school education and realize what their post means and how it can effect their reputation.


It's alright to post like Oklahoma City Thunder Forward Jeff Green, who uses slang on Twitter but uses his brain (“chilling watching college basketball...what yall doing? ). Or even the posts of Memphis Grizzlies Center Hasheem Thabeet (“LOL... hehehe heeeee (with someones voice)”).


My advice to J.R.: You went to Kansas and New Mexico, use your University Studies major to your advantage.


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