Hull City: A Comparison Part Two

Brian RhodesSenior Analyst IDecember 1, 2009

Earlier on this season I took a look at how the Tigers were faring this season compared to last season in Hull City: A Comparison .

In that article we saw that the Tigers were doing fairly well against last season's results in the first eight games. Overall, despite the great start to last season, we were doing pretty good.

As we come towards Christmas and the most congested part of the season, I thought it would be a good idea to see how East Yorkshire's finest were doing now, comparing like for like fixtures rather than just games played.

The criteria I will be using is how many points we gain this season in comparison to last season against the same clubs. I will substitute promoted clubs for relegated teams with Championship Winners Wolverhampton Wanderers replacing Newcastle United, who were 18th in the Premiership. Second place Birmingham will take the place of 19th place Middlesbrough, and playoff winners Burnley replace bottom-placed club WBA.

Last season's points will be in italics and this season's in bold.

Chelsea (A) One, Zero . 1 - 0

Tottenham (H) Zero , Zero . 1 - 0

Bolton Wanderers (H) Zero , Three . 1 - 3

Wolverhampton (A) Three , One . 4 - 4

Sunderland (A) Zero , Zero . 4 - 4

Birmingham City (H) Three , Zero . 7 - 4

Liverpool (A) One , Zero . 8 - 4

Wigan Athletic (H) Zero , Three . 8 - 7

Fulham (A) Three , Zero . 11 - 7

Portsmouth (H) One , One . 12 - 8

Burnley (A) Three , Zero . 15 - 8

Stoke City (H) Zero , Three . 15 - 11

West Ham (H) Three , One . 18 - 12

Everton (H) One , Three . 19 - 15

Manchester City (A) Zero , One . 19 - 16

So, in the Tigers' first 15 games of the season, they have garnered three fewer points than last season from the same clubs. However, with Hull City on just over a point a game form, they are sitting a few places off the relegation zone.

Will Phil Brown's men be able to sustain that level of football for the rest of the season? If they can, they should be fine, but if the Tigers can't keep their current good run of form going, they may well end up perilously close to the relegation zone, if not in it.