Hull City: a Comparison

Brian RhodesSenior Analyst IOctober 4, 2009

After eight games last season the Tigers were sitting third in the Premiership table only three points behind leaders Liverpool and Chelsea. This season, there is a very different look to the Tigers. 

The league standings and points gained doesn't tell the whole story. Take a look at the corresponding games played against like teams.

First game this season we lost to Chelsea 2-1, last season it was a 0-0 draw and lost Scolari his job.  That means Chelsea zero points in comparison to one point last time.

Second game, a loss to Tottenham Hotspurs, last season a loss to Spurs. Still zero points compared to one from last season.

Third game, a home win to Bolton Wanderers, last season we lost to the Trotters at home. So three points compared to one point last season.

Fourth Game, Wolverhampton Wanderers a 1-1 draw last season we didn't play Wolves but they were Champions of the Championship so I will replace them with the team coming third bottom in last season's Premiership. Last time we beat Newcastle 2-1 so that would have us at four points as opposed to four points last season.

Fifth game, a lost to Sunderland as compared to a loss to Sunderland so still four points this season as opposed to four points last season.

Sixth game, against Birmingham City as before I will replace a promoted team with a relegated team. Birmingham were runners up in the Championship and Middlesbrough were runners up for the Premiership wooden spoon. This season a loss to the Blues and last season a win against Boro, so four and seven.

Seventh game, against Liverpool and a loss this season but last season a deserved draw. So still on four points but last season we would have been on eight.

Eighth game, last time a huge loss to Wigan Athletic but this time a great victory. So seven points compared to eight last time.

Looking at the season in a linear way with x-number of games in, as opposed to x-number of games last time. It is not a much more clear way to demonstrate how a season will pan out. It depends on who you are playing and in many cases how a club is fairing on the field.

You only have to look at Yesterday's fixture of Hull City Vs Wigan Athletic. Wigan came off of an famous victory against Chelsea and the Tiger's came off a mauling of Liverpool.

I suspect that Roberto Martínez Gutiérrez the Wigan boss would not have wanted to play Hull City after we lost to Liverpool. All the pressure is on his team to repeat the victory over Chelsea and go one better and do what Liverpool did to us. That was never going to happen.

By looking at like for like(ish) meetings it is a better comparison of how any club are fairing in the league.

As it stands the Tigers are only down to the tune of one point. If we can keep up this level then we will be safe come May and be playing Premier League football for a third season.