Cincinnati-Cleveland: Browns Might Be Good, Bengals Give Reality Check

ExJx BrooksContributor INovember 30, 2009

CINCINNATI - NOVEMBER 29:  Brady Quinn #10 of  the Cleveland Browns catches a pass while defended by Brandon Johnson #59 of the Cincinnati Bengals during the NFL game at Paul Brown Stadium on November 29, 2009 in Cincinnati, Ohio.  (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)
Andy Lyons/Getty Images

The Browns offense seemed to have it all last week except for a “W.” After a big offensive showing against the Detroit Lions the Browns seemed to be on their way out of hell and on the road to realizing their potential.

Fans were once again feeling at least a little excited about the rest of the season and the offseason. They thought they saw a glimpse of the future.

Then they visited their old uncle Bengals and he decided to put them back in their place. He said “Not today little nephew, not in my house”

The Browns are full of potentially good players, but the potential for talent does not win games—having the talent does. Players with potential are usually the second and third stringers at most.

The Browns have starting positions filled with players with potential and that obviously does not always translate into wins “right now.” Also, for these players to develop their talents and realize their potential they need to be surrounded established players, something which Cleveland has been short on for quite some time.

Many of the fans have expressed to me a number of players that have the potential to be great/good and how there are so many of them.

If this team is so full of potential and talent then why does this team look so horrible at times?

Why are they staring a 1-10 record right in the face?

One would think with so many talented and potentially great players they’d have more wins.

In this week's game against the Bengals, Brady Quinn only had 100 yards and zero TDs. The rushing attack totaled 58 yards with one TD scored by Quinn. The defense allowed a total of 306 yards and 16 points, more specifically 210 rushing yards.

What happened?

Where did the potential go?

Where’s the talent?

I do agree that there are some potentially talented players here, but none that stand out as true talents. The QB position, for one, has been a mystery for some time now and continues to be a big question season in and season out. They’ve had plenty of potentially good players at QB—Quinn, Anderson, Charlie Frye, Tim Couch—but none have produced well.

The point is there is nothing to be proud of this week. Last week was just another example that even being potentially good won’t give you a win.

They played the Lions, had a good game offensively, lost, but also gained some hope.

Then they played the AFC north's first place team, the Bengals, this week and got punched in the mouth.

Again, I say it's time to clean house: not rebuild completely, but in with the good and out with the bad. I'd start with the QB position—Brady Quinn has to go. They are definitely not getting their money's worth. He's overpaid and overplayed. Of course, they don't have much of a choice when their backup is even worse.

Yes maybe the offensive line has a lot to do with it, but one can make an argument that even a decent quarterback can overcome this obstacle.

Aaron Rogers of the Green Bay Packers has been sacked 44 times but has managed to compile 3136 yards, 22 TDs, five INTs, and a QB rating of 104.9.

Whereas Quinn and Derek Anderson have combined for 1593 yards, seven TDs, and 14 INTs with a combined 52.4 rating while only being sacked a combined 25 times; there are not only bad players around them, but lack of talent within them.

The Browns as a whole are terrible, but individually there are some players here that have great potential.

Again, you don't win with potentially good players, you win with good players. That's the problem and has been for 10 years. The Browns always have potential but are never any good.

True, you have to look to the future and get those potentially talented players; but there has to be some point in the "FUTURE" when the future stops being the future and becomes the now. The Browns have yet to show this talent that has been “potentially” there for some time, win some games, have a successful season and make the playoffs.

I mean, most successful teams add potentially good players to an already strong and talented team. The Browns either add more potentially good players to already potentially good players or even worse mix them with bad players.

What do they get when they do this? A whole bunch of hype that doesn’t live up its potential. They also get a 1-10 record with, like every season, hopes of being good the next season.

Well Browns the fans are waiting for this next season to come, for this talent to actually be talent and yet the Browns, for at least the past 10 years, have yet to produce.

The players that were full of potential a year or longer ago, example Braylon Edwards and Brady Quinn, who were supposed to be the talented players now, have all but been a bust for Cleveland.

Now the Browns are relying on the young undeveloped talents of players like Massaqoui and Kaluka Maiava, who by comparison aren’t performing any better than any other rookie standouts in their positions, to win games. Sad thing is these are the best players they have and no one else is producing giving this team a rookie level of play, which in turn gives us the 1-10 record.

Yeah, you can have all the potential you want but I'll take talent and wins now rather than the hope of winning.

Call me an amateur, tell me I'm wrong, but doesn't a 1-10 record mean I'm right?