These Washington Redskins are Losing with Style

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These Washington Redskins are Losing with Style
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I was invited to host Comcast SportsNet's Live Chat for the Washington Redskins at Philadelphia Eagles game today. Here are four things I learned about the Skins after chatting with fans:

Redskin fans like this Redskin team.

Fans said the Redskins are playing with a greater sense of teamwork and heart since the second half of the Atlanta Falcons game. Washington is still losing but the subs are a scrappy bunch who are rebuilding fan allegiance that had been eroding. They liked these guys better than the starters. Rock Cartwright, Quinton Ganther, Devin Thomas, the kick-off returner, are worth cheering for.

I don't believe the chat fans would extend their disdain to Chris Samuels or Chris Cooley, but that's as far as I would go.

Albert Haynesworth drives fans crazy.

Albert Haynesworth is the biggest upgrade to the team. We see his value when he plays. It frustrates the Live Chat crowd when he's out. What's the use of all that talent when it's on the bench? Nothing.  

Even when the game is close, don't get your hopes up.

No one was buying, in the third quarter while holding an eight point lead, that the Skins could win the game. Fans loved the effort and the possibilities, but after 10 games, they were braced for another poor play call, or defensive breakdown, or Jason Campbell turnover that would deny the win. "Wait and see" was the emotionally defensive position taken by a fanbase let down one too many times.

Not sold on Jason Campbell.

Even with two touchdown passes, one touchdown run and 47 percent of third downs converted, fans are not sold on Campbell. No. 17 is performing as a solid, mid-tier NFL starter, but has yet to be the reason the Redskins win. Donovan McNabb twice took the Eagles on fourth quarter scoring drives for a come-from-behind win.

Campbell was 1 for 4 in Washington's last drive from the 16 yard line. After a stellar performance on third down conversions, Campbell and Washington fell a yard short on a fourth down attempt when most needed.

Coverage, playcalling and receiver inadequacy may explain it, but the Live Chat fans wanted to see Campbell lead a drive to set up a tying field goal attempt, if not the winning touchdown. Technical proficiency is not enough for Campbell to win back his fans.

After Campbell's last incompletion to Moss, he was shown on the ground after the play by the Tv cameras. I thought Jason was doing a Haynesworth act as said so. In fact, he was body slammed after the pass by Juqua Parker on an uncalled personal foul.

The NFL should look at that play and make a statement with fines. If they do not, we might as well call those rules that protect quarterbacks the Brady Rule.

No one seems to be as protected by those calls as Tom Brady. I'm looking for the NFL to prove me wrong. 

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