OMG!: Vince Young Drives for 99, Tennessee Titans Win Fifth Straight

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OMG!: Vince Young Drives for 99, Tennessee Titans Win Fifth Straight
Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

Chris Johnson had another 150-plus yard effort in the matchup Sunday afternoon between the Tennessee Titans and the Arizona Cardinals, including an 85-yard rush for a touchdown in the second half.

But if you watched the same Titans game I did, then you're probably thinking, "Big, fat, hairy deal; did you see that catch?!?!?"

The catch I am referring to, of course, is the game-winning catch reeled in by rookie wide receiver Kenny Britt. After starting on their own one-yard line, the Tennessee Titans, led by resurgent quarterback Vince Young, drove 90 yards to the Arizona nine-yard line. With time running out and a touchdown needed to win, they looked like they were facing their first loss in the last five games.

They had already had to convert on 4th-and-long twice in the drive, both times on laser-accurate passes by a surprisingly efficient "Pocket Vince." In fact, Young had played well in the pocket all day; He really had no choice, as the Cardinals had done a fabulous job of keeping him there the entire game.

Arizona had him there again, 4th-and-goal from the nine-yard line, with four seconds remaining in the game.

Then it happened.

For only the second time in the game, Young escaped the pocket, scrambled out, and then threw a high dart to the middle of the end zone.

Enter Kenny Britt. Elevating high above the five players surrounding him, Britt hauled in the pass, took a hit on the way down, and tucked the ball away securely to score the final touchdown of the game with no ticks left on the clock.

The stadium erupted, as it should have.

Britt's reception to score the game winner was sweet redemption from the previous series. After catching a 53-yard bomb from Young, Britt was blindsided, fumbling the ball and appearing to put a dagger in the heart of the Titans hopes of a come-from-behind win.

But Vince Young and company would have none of it. After the defense gave them one more shot (no thanks to punt returner Kevin Kaesviharn, who seems to have developed an aversion to catching punts), the offense took over at the one-yard line. Playing like a seasoned pro, Young calmly stood in the pocket on the Titans 99-yard final drive and continued to prove to his detractors that he is more than just a scrambler.

He's still young and he will still make mistakes from time to time, but with each passing game, Young learns just a little bit more about what it means to be a professional quarterback.

His decision-making improves with each series. His accuracy is vastly improved. His pocket presence is beginning to take shape. That defensive coordinators find it necessary to contain him there lends credence to his ability to gain yards with his legs.

And it would seem that keeping him inside might not be as detrimental as one might think; Young threw for 387 yards and a touchdown against Arizona Sunday.

With this win, the Titans pull that much closer to pulling off the improbable: a 10-game streak to finish out the season and make the playoffs.

But with Chris Johnson running around like wildfire, and Vince Young continuing to step up his game, the improbable is beginning to look possible.

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