Tiger Woods Is Simply Incredible

Ben WeixlmannSenior Writer IJune 15, 2008

You just knew it would happen.

After trailing by one shot and heading for his ball on the 18th green, Tiger Woods looked as though he was wearing blinders. Tiger rammed home a dramatic fifteen-foot putt to tie Rocco Mediate atop the leaderboard.

Woods was 13-for-13 in majors with a 54-hole lead coming into Sunday, and after his amazing putt, that unbeaten streak is still intact.

Tiger is the most clutch athlete of our generation, alongside Michael Jordan. He makes the most outrageous shots when he needs to, and most often comes out on top in the end.

Now, however, Woods must wait until tomorrow to compete in the U.S. Open's 18-hole playoff. It still remains to be seen if Tiger's knee can hold up for a fifth round in one week. One thing is for sure, his determination and courage will be there.

To be quite frank, I feel so fortunate to be alive in this era of Tiger's prime. His spectacular play can be seen at almost every event, and even when he is injured, he still is clearly the best player in the field.

After starting off with two poor holes, Woods got back on track but never got over the hump today, until the eighteen hole.

There is simply no stopping Tiger Woods. Sure, he has shown his fair share of human tendencies this week, but when he needs a big shot, he is immortal.

There is no one on the planet in any sport that can perform in the clutch like Tiger.

Yeah, that includes you, "Big Shot Bob" Horry.

Rocco Mediate said it best after watching Woods sink his final putt on the 72nd hole: "I knew he would make it."

That's what they are all saying.


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