Funniest Sports Injuries of All-Time

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Funniest Sports Injuries of All-Time

Ever see that your favorite player is heading to an injured list and you just wonder why? You didn’t see them get injured while making a play on the field or on the ice. Well, here are the hidden, funniest sports injures of all time. I guarantee they’ll cause you to shake your head and ask, “Just what the hell were they thinking?”




Sammy Sosa: Missed three weeks with a back injury after he sneezed violently.

Brent Mayne: Checked for traffic before crossing the street, pulled a neck             muscle.

Adam Eaton: Accidentally stabbed himself while trying to open a DVD case with     a steak knife.

Mariano Rivera: Tied his shoes, threw out his back.

Steve Sparks: Friends challenged him to a phone book tearing contest—he             dislocated his shoulder.

John Smoltz: Ironed a shirt…while he was wearing it.

Glenallen Hill: Had a dream he was being chased by a giant spider. He jumped

    out of bed and sliced open his foot on a glass table.

Moises Alou: Woke up this morning.

Clint Barmes: Broke his collarbone by carrying deer meat up to his apartment.

Johnny Damon: Injured back by getting into a car.

Kevin Mitchell: Put a donut in the microwave. Microwave exploded.

Ricky Bones: Tore muscle in his hand while changing channels with a TV remote.

Roger Craig: Cut his hand while adjusting the strap of his wife’s bra.

Juan Sandoval: Shot in the face with a shotgun.

Jeff Cirillo: Hit a game winning home run, jumped into the air and threw his helmet to the ground. Twisted ankle when he stepped on the helmet.

Hunter Pence: Walked through a really clean, glass door.

Jimmy Gobble: Kicked a cactus barefoot.

Kazuo Matsui: Anal fissure. No more details needed.

Matt Morris: Jumped off a flight of stairs. Twisted ankle.

Julian Tavares: Broke hand by punching a dugout phone.

Keichi Yabu: Was using a Bowflex in the locker room when the strap snapped and sliced open his face.





Wade Belak: Bit by a spider.

Ron Tugnutt: Tied his shoes and pulled a groin muscle.

Eric Lindros: Showed up at the arena.

Manny Fernandez: Injured his back while blow drying his hair.

Jose Theodore: Broke ankle when he slipped on an icy driveway.

Brent Sopel: Threw out his back when he picked up a broken cracker off the floor.





Brian Griese: Sprained ankle after being chased by a dog.

Chris Hanson: Cut open his foot while chopping wood with an axe.

Jake Plummer: Injured foot while getting off the couch.

Ben Roethlisberger: Was given a motorcycle license.

Bill Grammatica: Kicked a football.

Robert Pratt: Ran out on the field for the coin toss. Pulled a hamstring.

Chase Blackburn: Suffered inner ear injury when he put a Q-tip in too far.

Max McGee: Fell off the roof while cleaning the gutters on his house.





Magic Johnson: Had unprotected sex.

Darryl Dawkins: Sliced open hand while washing a broken dinner plate.

Tony Allen: After the whistle blew and play was dead, he attempted to slam dunk a ball. Tore his ACL.

Drew Gooden: Infected hair follicle.

Kevin Johnson: Dislocated shoulder while giving his team mate a hug.



Other Wonderful Sports


John Furyk: Injured his neck while brushing his teeth.

Lee Trevino: Got struck by lightning.

Kevin Kyle: Received first degree burns on his pubic region when someone threw a pot of boiling water at him.

Dale Earnhardt: Accelerated.

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