What We Need To Do This Offseason

michael urriolaContributor INovember 27, 2009

KANSAS CITY, MO - OCTOBER 25:  Board Chairman Clark Hunt of the Kansas City Chiefs walks on the field before the game against the San Diego Chargers on October 25, 2009 at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City, Missouri. (Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)
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I am going to show you what needs to happen to make the playoffs. After seeing are progress this season I think next year we will surprise people and we will make it to the playoffs. I am going to show the steps we need to take this offseason with about 30-40 million cap room left we will be contenders if we spend it right. So first in the offseason steps is Coaching staff then resignings and ect... 

     Head Coach- Todd Haley Stay/ But bring in a Charlie Wies if he is fired.
     Assistant Head Coach - Maurice Carthon Stay 
     Defensive Coordinator - Clancy Pendergast Fired I would love to have a guy like Romeo Crennel.
     Tight Ends - Bob Bicknell Stay 
     Defensive Assistant - Ronnie Bradford Stay     
     Offensive Line - Bill Muir Stays
     Linebackers - Gary Gibbs Stays
     Special Teams - Steve Hoffman Stays 
     Defensive Line - Tim Krumrie replaced by someone like Kerry Locklin the 08 Jets.   

   Next is to resign the free agents 

Matt Gutierrez resign is a solid 2-3 backup quarterback. 

Mike Cox cut he is as use less as ever, and he rarely ever plays and we just signed Castile.  

Chris Chambers cut I don't see us keeping any receivers because this year is loaded.

Bobby Wade cut I don't see us keeping any receivers because this year is loaded.

Mark Bradley cut I don't see us keeping any receivers because this year is loaded.

Sean Ryan Cut he is a journeyman first of all, and he has like 5 drops and has given up way to many sacks. 

Ryan 0' Callaghan resign I like the way this kid is playing he is a young man who is a excellent tandem with Brandon Albert.

Andy Alleman cut N/A

Wade Smith resign I think he is a sturdy back up he can play all the positions too.

Rudy Niswanger Cut is just not fitting into the zone blocking scheme

Mike Vrabel cut after seeing the way Andy Studebaker played I lost all faith in Mike. 

Andy Studebaker sign him he is an all round good player with 2 interceptions in his first NFL start.

Cory Mays cut 

Derrick Johnson sign, with Cory cut there is an open slot for DJ and Belcher to battle for. 

Travis Daniels cut

Maurice Leggett cut

Mike Brown cut

Jarred Page maybe a 1 year tender. 

John McGraw I love his tackling never his up and always delivers the big hit. 

Terrence Copper cut 

In total that's 19 players and In my opinion we would sign 7 out of 19 and that's not counting the Practice Squad. 

Next is Free Agency main openings OL/LB/CB/SS

WR Kevin Walter Houston, sign him because he would be an excellent player at 2 and then are corps would look like this Dwayne Bowe, Kevin Walter, Lance Long,free agent/draft pick. 

OG Ben Hamilton Broncos, This would fill the void at right guard. 

Outside linebacker Math Roth plays in the 3-4 with Miami and now in Cleveland

CB Marlin Jackson with there young rookies and the Colts low cap room they would have to let him go and would start from day one opposite Brandon Flowers. 

After signing five free agents there is 7 open roster spots for the draft. And some of those picks will end up on the practice squad. 

NFL Draft

In the first round the Kansas City Chiefs select oh what they just traded down for another second round pick from Seattle. Now there picking 15th, and now the Kansas city chiefs select Taylor Mays with a secondary with Marlin Jackson,Brandon Flowers,John McGraw,Brandon Carr, and now Taylor Mays. 

with there first second round pick Kansas City selects Terrence Cody NT. Terrence Cody adds an all SEC defensive line in Todd Haley's conditioning program he will lose probably 20 pounds and be an every done linemen. 

with the 2nd round pick from Seattle the Kansas Chiefs select Wide Receiver Marty Gillyard from Cincinnati. There we add a reciveing corps of Kevin Walter, Marty Gillyard, Dwayne Bowe, Lance Long. And did I mention he is a nominee for all Big East punt returner. 

With the second round pick from Atlanta the Kansas City Chiefs select Toby Gerhart this adds a big power back with speedy Charles.

In the 3rd round the Kansas City Chiefs select Matt Tenant from Boston College this makes are offensive line look like this Brandon Albert, Brian Waters, Matt Tenant, Ben Hamilton, Ryan 0' Callaghan.  

In the fourth Round the Kansas City Chiefs select Daryl Washington from TCU. Who can play both inside and outside linebacker. 

5th round Jeron Mastrud Kansas State Tight End. 

5th round Vladimir Ducasse OG/OT Massachusetts.

5th round Terrell Troup NT University of Central Florida. 


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