Where Do The Raiders Go From Here?

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Where Do The Raiders Go From Here?
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I have been watching in extreme frustration over the last 7 seasons as the Raiders have become the laughing stock of the NFL.  This once proud and feared franchise has become almost an automatic win for teams.  What needs to change? The QB, the WR's, the O-Line, a run stuffing front 7, the Coach, the Owner.  All of these will help, but we have changed all of these over the last several seasons (except the owner) and it doesn't seem to be helping.

The easy answer is Al Davis.  However, I am not sure that is the answer.  In all his idiocy, I fail to see that he is doing any of it to purposely hurt his beloved Oakland Raiders.  I feel in his mind he thinks he is helping.

I don't think a new coach is the answer.  Coach Cable made our O Line a better blocking line, especially in the run game.  Maybe we could get someone else to call plays,but that is a minor issue.

It would be nice to have a QB that is more consistent and works harder in practice (although Gradkowski seems to be working hard).  But how many teams have QB's that have bad streaks?  Most of them do.

So that leads us to WR.  All of them have potential and they all are young and are going to get better, so I don't think that is the issue either.

So the front 7 on D could be better at tackling, but they get into the backfield and they show signs of brilliance.  More consistency would be great, but I think we are looking good, plus we have a great player and leader in Richard Seymour.

So what's the issue.  I think we need a member of the Raider Nation to be a motivational coach.  Maybe that sounds stupid, but hold on a second.  As members of the Raider Nation, we have our hearts and souls in this team.  It is a part of our lives not just a team we support.  The Team needs the same feeling about themselves, that we have about them.  The losses would be so hard for them to take that they would INSIST on winning.  There would be no other choice.

OK, maybe it wouldn't work, but nothing else is.  I think it would benefit our team if they felt as strongly about themselves as we do about them.

And I am sure hiring a GM (John Madden) wouldn't hurt either.

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