Why Has It Come Down To This?

Grant BartoloContributor INovember 27, 2009

OAKLAND, CA - NOVEMBER 22:  JaMarcus Russell #2 of the Oakland Raiders looks on from the bench against the Cincinnati Bengals during an NFL game at Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum on November 22, 2009 in Oakland, California.  (Photo by Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images)
Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images

Today was supposed to be a heartwarming day; MAN, its Thanksgiving...god bless the people who found this country...anyways, Raiders lose and I'm tired as hell....Big plays and blown coverages; however, DHB FINALLY scored a touchdown...that made me happy...which brought me to another point...wats wrong with JaMarcus? I'm ired of my dad saying, "See Grant, Gradkowski can make plays, or, GRadkowski is the future"...Its like he hates JaMarcus...he calls him a "fat turd"; it just annoys me because I know JaMarcus is better than that...NATION, will he get better??

Now let me ask you guys, because i can't seem to figure it out.....do you guys think JaMarcus will emerge next season with a renewed motivation, or will he be the same clueless guy who has no responsibilty for anything he does? When we drafted him, I thought he would lead us back to success; I mean, he has the arm and the size of a Raider; however, I didn't know about his work ethic. You see, I became a Raider fan back in 2002 because i saw 50 blue collar guys who worked their tails off every week to achive success...JaMarcus is supposed to be a leader; if he does good, the Raiders do good, and vice versa...He dictates the state of the franchise. He has to grow up and become a leader with a renewed motivation and work ethic. I think he'll come to camp next year at a slimmer 250 pounds and be in good shape to lead the Raiders at a .500 season and possibly the playoffs. DHB will be way more improved and he will become more reliable, as will Schilens and Murphy...The only way we're going is up; back in 2007, or even last year, I couldn't say that. But I think JaMarcus will grow tired of all the JaBeef, or JaBust nickname, and he'll be a better QB....WAT DOES THE RAIDER NATION THINK ABOUT IT.....PLEASE ANSWER MY QUESTION!!! NOW, MY MOCK

1st-Trade for Calvin Johnson or other Pro Bowl receiver (WHO? tell me ur thots Nation)

2nd-Brandon Spikes MLB (move Kirk Morrison to the SLB spot)

3rd-Marvin Austin NT (the NT who we've been searching for to stuff the run; AL will like this)

3rd-Selvish Capers RT (finally, a starting RT who is athletic; AL will like this)

4th-Kyle Wilson CB (speedy corner who is good in coverage; bye Stanford Routt less blown coverages and same speed; AL will like this)

5th-Brandon Carter RG (finally, a RG to eventually  replace Carlisle; he just looks like a Raider, and he is a giant; AL will like this)

5-7 (tell me who u think we should pick here NATION)

If we trade for a Pro Bowl Receiver, and the rest of our receivers improve, then JaMarcus and the franchise of the Oakland Raiders ill only get better

Do you guys think DHB will one day be a productive WR; he did have a touchdown today; I thnk he will improve next year. He is a hard worker, and with proper mentors, he will be a good player; tell me your opinion NATION; this is really important to me!

We need to cut....Cornell Green, Stanford Routt, Ricky Brown, Javon Walker, and keep Seymour, Morrsion, Howard, and Branch...if we do that, I will be very happy; NATION, you think we could keep those guys????

Our oline, with Capers, should be better; Cornell Green is horrible, and Carlisle is getting there, too, so Carter will be a good replacement. Henderson is a good L (screw you Kiffin), and Gallery is no longer a bust at LG. Satele is starting to become a good C, also. DMAC will emrge next season, and I think, along with bush and Fargas, we will see a more consistent running attack next year. The receivers will grow, as will JaMarcus Russell; the running game is top 10..if the oline gives JaMarcus some protection and are OK, and his recievers improve, along with the running game being established, then i think the offense will be OK; I just hope JaMarcus, McFadden, and DHB get a hell of a lot better; i think they will.

The Defense is top 10, when playing with fire and blitzing. If we do this every game, and the offense is top 20, then we will be in the playoffs come 2010. We have one of the best front fours in fooball; Seymour is a Pro Bowler, as is Greg Ellis. Tommy Kelly has a ton of talent, and Gerard Warren is the Raider type of DT; he also has talent. However, we need a NT who is a run stuffer. If we get Marvin Austin, this run defense will be top 20; in year 1, anyways. Shaughnessy was a great pick; I'm eating crow for it; Trevor Scott was a great pcik, and Jay Richardson has improved a hell of a lot. Desmond Bryant was also a great pickup by AL. Morrison has talent, as does Hoard. Both are nasty hitters who are fast; Raiders type linebackers, in other words. If Morrsion moves to the outside, and he is my favorite Raider and Spikes becomes the nest Ray Lewis, then, along with Howard, my second favorite Raider, this group is nasty, and symbolizes Raiders type of talent. The backfield has improved a hell of a lot....however, Stanfor Routt needs to go. We need a nickel corner who is good in coverage, andhas some speed...Kyle Wilson fits the bill. I think Mitchell will be good, huff is no longer a bust, and he has made some plays this season, and Branch is becomming the next Jack Tatum; he'll be great. Asoumagha is the best corner in the NFL, and Chris Johnson has talent, along with major speed (4.18 40 time) He is a big hitter, like Branch and Mitchell, and this is Raiders Fottball. Plus, like Huff, he improved his coverage skills. The Special Teams is still good, and i think JLH will get it back.

If the defense plays with fire every week, and the passing game gets at least 200 yards with a touchdown or two, along with the running game being top ten, i think we are a .500 football team

We need to hire a GM, and Al needs to step back. We also need a new OC, but I like Cable as coach. We need a new WR coach also..If we have some type of structure in the front office (20002 Raiders) then we are a .500 football team...lease AL; i kno ur getting old, and you have done this before (Allen as GM).....PLEASE!!!!

AL makes his best picks in the later rounds; if we trade the round 1 pick for a proven Pro Bowl Reciver (Give me suggestions; maybe Moss or Calvin Johnson), then we will be in the playoffs. We also need more structure in the front office, with A GM...PLEASE  AL!!!! But, if we do those things, we will be in the playoffs come 2010...